Born March 19, 1955 Walter Bruce Willis – now known professional as just Bruce Willis – is an American actor, singer and producer. Beginning his career in television during the 80’s in one of his most notable performances in Moonlighting as David Addison from 1985 to 1989. He has continued on in both film and TV in roles from comedy, action and drama. Here are 5 notable films he has appeared in.

A Good Day To Die Hard

The fifth in the Die Hard series that has made John McClane a household name, A Good Day To Die Hard is another fast-paced action thriller that features Jai Courtney as McClain’s estranged son, Jack. The elder McClane heads to Russia believing he is going to help his son get out of a prison.  He finds out that Jack is an undercover CIA agent about break open something big. As typical of the Die Hard films, the action is non-stop with both McClanes injured and facing near certain death only to triumph over evil in the end. 

Red 2

Willis reprises his role as former CIA operative Frank Moses in this summer 2013 release. In the initial film, a former CIA team is reunited when they are all set to be eliminated. Red 2 will have the team join some new friends, among them Catherine Zeta-Jones as Miranda Wood, to use their old-school methods to defeat the new enemies of Europe. In the new movie trailer, you’ll see Anthony Hopkins as the zany Edward Bradley and once again, John Malkovich entertains as the eccentric Marvin Boggs. Another Willis action-comedy success!

The Sixth Sense

One of Willis’ most critically acclaimed films, The Sixth Sense was an Academy Award nominee for Best Picture in 1999. Willis played Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a well-renowned child psychologist. At home with his wife one night, Crowe is shot by one of his patients who believes the doctor has failed him. The next autumn Crowe begins working with a very troubled young boy, Cole Sear (played by Haley Joel Osment) who believes he can see the dead. The line “I see dead people” became a popular catchphrase after the film’s release. The ending of the film takes everyone by surprise. While the film was nominated for six Academy Awards, surprisingly, it won none.


Unbreakable is a truly unique film in which Willis, as Philadelphia security guard David Dunn, figures out that he is a superhero. Trying to figure out his place in life, Dunn returns home from a job interview in New York City. Miraculously, he is the sole survivor of a massive train wreck that kills the other 131 passengers. Samuel L. Jackson plays Elijah Price, who has a rare disease that makes his bones brittle. He believes his polar opposite - someone who is unbreakable - exists and that Dunn is that person. Dunn slowly figures out that he does, indeed, have powers, but also learns the truth behind Elijah.

Pulp Fiction

When the new trailer for Pulp Fiction aired initially, Bruce Willis looked like he didn’t have much of a role in the film. His character, Butch Coolidge, was a boxer being paid to take a fall. At the time, Willis had a string of box office disappointments and needed something that would get him back in the limelight. While Pulp Fiction became well known for turning the fortune of John Travolta, it did the same for Willis.