The kids are sleep and the commercials are giving you a headache; you've sent off you're last DVD in the mail and with nothing to watch you boot up the ol Netflix Instant. "Ugh!" you say because you do not want to sort through the seemingly endless supply of "crappy" movies. Well my friends do i have a treat for you here are 5 good movies on Netflix to watch instantly. I have kicked, punched, and bit my way through horrible movies to find these buried treasures. Enjoy...


1. Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
Or Amelie for us English speaking folks.
Before; my favorite movie is The Dark Knight! After; my favorite movie is Amelie! This is a story about a young, naive, french girl named Amelie who decides to take justice into her own hands by helping those around her, and on the way she finds love.
Why do I like it so much? It made me laugh, frightened, sad and last but not least overjoyed. I think that one thing a movie must do to be signified as “good” is engage the viewer. The director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, does a good job from the beginning setting up the protagonist, Amelie. Thus making you feel like the life of Amelie is real. I am almost tempted to fly to paris find her and marry her.  That coupled with warm yellow overlay makes the viewer feel invited. I call this the fireplace effect.
Its best crime is its best asset, its in french. I hate subtitles. “Yuck!”. Subtitles makes one focus on the writing more then the gestures of the actors/actresses. So I encourage multiple viewings. On the flip side french is a romance language and one thing romance languages are noted for is beauty. On second viewing I had more of a chance to just listen. My ears and eyes were as delighted as a belly full of delicious french crepes. 
One ticket to Paris please!
AmelieCredit: Wikipedia
2. Big Night
Stanley Tucci with hair? Tony Shalhoub as a italian? 
Hey it worked. Quite well actually.
This comedy/drama set in the 1950s was superb. Big Night is about two Italian immigrant brothers trying to do something big together. Sort of the “I need you, you need me” kind of idea. Like all siblings feuds erupt but here is where I think the beauty of this film shines. You feel the tension and frustration but the love shared between the two wont let the relationship fall.
The final scene was possibly one of the greatest and poignant of film history. It captured the love shared between the two; a love that – despite differences in the kitchen – coheres each other as something stronger, family. One long scene showing that blood is thicker then in this case, pasta. Its one of those scenes without verbal communication, but none is needed. Its one of those “actions speak louder then words” sort of thing. 
If you like food then watch this movie! I hope you like food...
Big NightCredit: Wikipedia
3. Exit Through the Gift Shop
I wasn't a big fan of documentaries until i saw this film. I felt like documentaries could not transport me into the film as say a action packed film. With Exit Through the Gift Shop i was engaged more then ever.


This film is about a Frence immigrant Thierry Guetta (Also know as, Mr. Brainwash) who is a shopkeeper and has an obession with carrying around a video camera. Guetta is thrown into the street art world through is cousin Invader, a french artist. He becomes obsessed with finding Banksy, only to have the artist turn the camera back on its owner.

Ok, ok. Might not sound like the best plot. I thought so too until i watched the film. I guarantee it will turn you from a commercial overdose zombie into a happy sober lover of street art.

exit through the gift shopCredit: Wikipedia

4. Bread and Tulips

Here is another Foreign film. Yes i have a thing for accents.

Coupled with a thing for accents i also have a thing for how European Film-makers seem to include and pinpoint the very slightest details. For example, we have a film like Bread and Tulips; this film is about a neglected middle-aged italian woman who is forgotten and stranded on a family vacation. Determined to get the best out of her trip she decides to continue her vacation making her way to Venice. She starts to build a life there and finds that she can actually enjoy life. 

Sniff! Sniff! This film was beautiful.

Bread and tulipsCredit: Wikipedia

5. The Good, the Bad, the Weird

It does not stop, does not stop, does not stop, does not stop...

Now i normally don't really like oriental films. Simply because they are weird. I do not understand them. The Good, the Bad, the Weird is a South Korean Western film that does not fall far from the tree. Yes I heard what i just said, a Korean Western film. The shootouts are choreographed very well and the film has alot of good humor.

One scene in particular stood out in my mind. A long horse chase seen where you will be surprised how the fleeing character makes it out alive. 

Want to be pumped up in a all out nonstop shoot-em-up film? Check this out.

The Good, the Bad, the WeirdCredit: Wikipedia

Well now you have 5 good movies on Netlix instant. A weeks worth of juicy goodness.