Medifast has been helping people lose weight since the 1980s. It's easy, relatively inexpensive and approved by countless physicians. But many people who have never tried a meal replacement plan wonder if they are capable of making such a drastic change. After all, giving up regular foods in exchange for shakes, soups and oatmeal seems a little strange.

Thousands of people have lost tons of weight with the Medifast weight loss program, so it is definitely possible. The key is to get into the right mind-set. If you can stay focused and optimistic, Medifast is one of the easiest paths to quick weight loss. Here are a few Medifast Tips to get you into the right frame of mind.

Make the Decision to do it.

If you've already started the Medifast program, congratulations! You are on your way. If you're already on the program, make the decision to stick with it 100%. The best results are seen in people who make a hardcore commitment to the program and follow it to the letter. If you haven't started Medifast yet, make a commitment now that you are going to do this thing.

You won't be on this program forever. It's designed to get you to your medically healthy weight. Then you transition back to normal eating. If it sounds impossible, make a commitment for 30 Days. You won't be depriving yourself of much if you are only doing it for a month. At the end of your 30 days, take a look at your results and decide the best next step for you.

You are doing this for YOU!

By making this commitment, you have made the decision to transform yourself into a healthier, happier person. You have to believe that you are worth it. This is a serious commitment and not something that can be made because of other people. You may have low self-confidence at the moment, but I would encourage you to make a conscious decision to love and respect yourself. Believe that you will be successful!

Power through the First Week

Week one on Medifast is not very fun. Your body is used to all the sugar, carbohydrates and empty calories that it has been getting from junk food. The bad food your body is accustomed to is the reason your body is in it's current condition. In the first week of Medifast, your body is adjusting to the new food and caloric reduction. You may experience headaches. You will probably feel tired. You will definitely feel hungry from time to time. Don't let this get you down. Drink lots of water and take it easy on yourself. Get lots of sleep. Around mid-week, you will wake up and feel great. You will suddenly have more energy than you are used to. Now you can start enjoying the Medifast experience.

Enjoy your weight loss experience

Once you have made it through the detox period you will have a lot more energy. You probably have lost a few pounds already. Enjoy it. But don't focus on your weight loss too much. Instead, enjoy life and use your extra energy to enjoy your family, friends, hobbies and other things you love to do.

Don't think about weight loss. Think about life! Stay busy. Don't stay at home checking yourself on your bathroom scale. This new energy is just a preview of how you are going to feel once you complete the program and get back to a safe healthy body weight.

Ignore Negative People

When people see you eating your pre-packaged Medifast foods, they will undoubtedly strike up a conversation about diet and weight loss. Everybody has their theories. Everybody loves to talk about this type of thing. More often than not, you will have people expressing their skepticism about Medifast and espousing their own diet theories. You have to screen this out. You've done the research. You've made the commitment. You know this is working. Stay on course and ignore negative feedback.

You will experience this to a greater degree if you have tried various diet or weight loss programs in the past. Your family and friends perhaps have a right to be skeptical. But you're the one who has to prove them wrong this time. Once you have started making visible progress on your weight loss, you will notice the reactions start to change. People who were once skeptical will be your biggest supporters and encouragers.

Once you get started, Medifast is a simple, easy and inexpensive path to quick weight loss. I hope these Medifast tips help you during the early days of your quick weight loss journey. Just remember - you can totally do this!