Everybody will move at some point in their life and because of that you will need to have all the necessary items. Although, there is not a list of items that you absolutely need, there are moving items that will make moving a lot easier and much faster.

One of the things that you need to understand is that having help with your move will make it a lot faster and that is why so many people recommend getting help. All you have to do is ask a few friends and family if they would be willing to help out. You may be hesitant to ask for help, however, this will get you through the move in a much faster time.

5 Items You Must Have When Moving

Moving Dolly – The reason you need a moving dolly is so that you can move heavy items all by yourself. Without a moving dolly you would be forced to carry all the boxes, furniture and anything else without much support.

Mattress Bags – Another important item is a mattress bag. The reason everybody should have a mattress bag is so they can protect their mattress during the move. A lot of people think these are just for storage, however, they make it easier on you when moving because they give a little extra protection to your mattress.

Padded Boxes – Do you have items that need to stay protected during the move? Packing peanuts are great, however, they will not work as well if the box they are in is not padded. The reason you should add padding to both the box and inside the box is to make sure that your breakables don’t break.

Moving Blankets – Yes, you still need moving blankets when moving. It doesn’t matter if you are moving a brand new entertainment center or one that is 10 years old. The reason you always need to use moving blankets during a move is so that you don’t scratch up the walls are break something while you are moving items around.

Heavy Duty Bags – Heavy duty bags are great for people who have a lot of clothes, sheets, towels and other soft items like that. The reason I recommend heavy-duty bags is to put any type of linen or cloth item in and so that you can have a place to put all the garbage you find in your home.

On top of these items you will still need a bunch of regular boxes. I didn’t think I had to put those in the list because those are almost required to move. Just keep these items in mind because they will come in handy some day.