Five Must Have Pages for Your Website 

What are the five must have pages for a successful website? We discuss them here and include what sort of content works best. 

A home page - you need a home page. Your home page should describe your objective, mission statement, a bit about you or your product/service, a good picture with a background that stands out and links to other pages on your website. You should also have social plug-ins to your Facebook and Twitter pages.  When it comes to a picture, the general rule is that if you are providing a service, post a good quality picture of yourself or if you are providing a product, a picture of the product or your logo will do. If you can't take good pictures either hire someone who can or check out your local photography schools and see if you can get a learner at a great rate. Remember, a picture tells 1000 words.

A FAQ page - Think of the most commonly asked questions people ask you relating to your page and list them here. It makes the site look professional and saves you the time of dealing with mundane enquiries. 

A Contact Me page that send the message direct to your email. This is great for following up new leads and for getting the email addresses you need to send out newsletters and other information to your customers.  

A blog - These days everybody has a blog. You can announce new products or services on it, or just engage your audience better. Make sure you let a little of your personality shine through and target it towards your readers enjoyment. Anybody can have a blog. For example if you make kids clothes, your blog could include sewing tips for your audience.

A webstore - Even if your website is mostly just a blog or for personal use, you can always buy personalized mugs, pens and other knickknacks with your logo on them to sell for extra income. Make sure you pay attention to how you describe your product or service as this makes all the difference between people buying your product or leaving your page. If you can’t take good quality pictures of your product it may be worth paying a professional to take the photos for you. 

So that’s the list of the five must have pages for a website. Did I miss anything or is there something you believe should be on the list? Feel free to comment below. We love hearing from you.