There are few days in a family's household that are more exciting than the day a new puppy arrives in the home. That excitement is compounded even more when there are small children in the home. However, you must remember that this new little guy or gal also requires a lot of care and that care means that there is some preparation that needs to take place and there are some necessary puppy supplies you will need that you may not have just lying around the house.

Cute Puppy

Cute Puppy

1. Puppies Chew

First things first.  Puppies chew and they chew a lot. That's what puppies do and it is a necessary and normal part of their development. Save yourself some aggravation and put anything away that is small enough to fit in a puppy's mouth.  If your family has a tendency to leave clothing items or footwear lying around on the floor, this habit will need to be corrected because as I stated earlier, puppies chew.  These items are especially enticing because they smell like the family and a new puppy likes that smell.  Keep plenty of chew toys for the little pup to chew on and save your shoes.

2. A Puppy's Own Space

Another item that must be addressed prior to the puppy's arrival is where it will hang out when no one is around and where it will sleep.  A dog crate is a must have when it comes to purchasing new puppy supplies. The crate will become the puppy's secure place and the crate needs a consistent place to be away from the hustle and bustle so the puppy learns that it's time to settle down when they are placed in it.

3. Choose a Vet and Schedule a Visit

Before the puppy arrives is also the best time to choose a veterinarian if you do not already have one. Go ahead and schedule a vet visit for your new family member so you can insure they are healthy and get a start on the necessary new puppy shots.  It is also a good idea to keep the phone number for the vet readily available just in case an emergency should occur.

4. Choose a Quality Puppy Food

We discussed earlier the need for a crate for your new friend and there are several other new puppy supplies that you should acquire prior to their arrival. Of course, some good quality food for the new pup will be essential. Be sure you are feeding puppy food and not regular dog food. Food formulated specifically for a puppy will have the proper mix of nutrients to get your puppy off to a healthy start in their new home.

5. Additional Necessary Puppy Supplies

A few types of doggy treats will come in handy for rewards as you train your new puppy. And I'm sure you'll find that a good Enzymatic cleaner to remove the stain and neutralize the odor of those little accidents your new friend is going to have will come in quite handy.  Also, purchase food and drink bowls, pet gates, if there are areas you want your puppy to stay out of, and you will be well on your way to providing for your family's newest member. Once the puppy arrives you can fit him or her with a new collar and leash and round out the puppy supplies needed that should help little Fido or Fidette get a good start on their new life.