5) Joe Theismann # 7
Joe Theismann was not a large quarterback by any means. But he was absolutely one of the most effective ones for sure. Joe Theismann during his career brought home the Redskins 1st superbowl win in team history. He also was named NFL MVP in 1983. He’s famous for wearing the single bar face mask that traditionally is worn by kickers and punters. Joe Theismann today works with sports commentary broadcasting publications such as Redskins radio and ESPN. He entered into the pro football hall of fame in Canton Ohio in 2003. His name also resides on the Redskins ring of fame at Fedex Field.

4) Doug Williams # 17
Doug Williams was the 1st African America quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl. He also did it with great fashion by defeating John Elway’s Denver Broncos 42-10 in Super Bowl XXII. Williams completed 18 of 29 passes for 340 yards and 4 touchdowns. Doug Williams was not always the starting quarterback in Washington. He competed with Jay Schroeder for the starting position constantly. Jay Schroeder was never a fan favorite amongst Washington fans. Eventually Schroeder was injured and Doug Williams stepped in to bring the Washington Redskins their 2nd Super Bowl Title.

3) Sean Taylor # 21
Sean Taylor easily was one of the hardest hitting Redskins players in team history. He played the game with an intensity never before seen. His life was abruptly ended on November 26th, 2007 during a home burglary. He was a primary factor in many wins throughout the 2005, 2006 and 2007 seasons. In 2005 during a playoff game against the Tampa Bay Bucs, he recovered a fumble for a touchdown that propelled the Redskins into the divisional playoffs. Gregg Williams frequently described Sean Taylor as the best athlete he’s ever coached. Sean Taylor was also famous for delivering a crushing hit to punter Brian Moorman during a 2006 Pro Bowl game. The punter essentially tried to sneak for a 1st down and was denied and pummeled by Sean Taylor.

2) John Riggins # 44
Nicknamed “The Diesel”, John Riggins was known as one of the most bruising running backs in Redskins history. This guy had great moments on and off the field. He became nationally famous for telling US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner to “loosen up, Sandy baby!” during a presidential dinner party. He then fell drunkenly asleep under the dining table. On the field he was truly a warrior. He holds records such as the most rushing attempts and yards in a postseason (136 attempts, 610 yards). He also is the oldest player with 20+ touchdowns in a single season (34 years of age). Along with that he was the defining moment in the ‘83 Super Bowl game for which he ran for a game winning touchdown on a 4th down play.

1) Darrell Green # 28
What a competitor this athlete was. He appeared in 3 different Super Bowls in which 2 were won. He holds the record for most consecutive seasons with an interception (19). He has played the most games as a defensive player (295). He holds the record for the oldest player with an interception (41years, 304 days). He also holds numorous Redskins team records such as most career interceptions (54), most games played (295), most consecutive seasons (20), longest fumble return for a touchdown (78 yards). He’s well known as being one of the fastest corners ever in professional football winning awards such as the NFL’s fastest man competition 4 times. He also won the Walter Payton NFL Man of The Year Award in 1996.