There are a lot of fun board games and card games available to play. Here are 5 games that are definitely a must for people to try out and play. If you have never played some of these games then add them to your list of games that should be played.

A Ticket to Ride

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A Ticket to Ride retails for around $50.00, so it is kind of expensive. Although A Ticket to Ride is very expensive, it is well worth it. Every time you play the game the cost per play goes down, as with all board games you buy. You can find A Ticket to Ride for sale cheaper on Amazon. If you are lucky you may also be able to check out this or another board game from your local library.

A Ticket to Ride is an easy game to learn that relies more on strategy than it does luck, although luck also has a part in this game. You build railroads and connect different Cities to each other. The Cities you are attempting to connect together will vary each game and is generally different from the Cities the other players are trying to connect together, although you will often be re-routed when someone places train cars on the route you were about to claim for yourself.

Up to 5 players can play A Ticket to Ride, except for the Nordic game board version which recommends a maximum of 3 players. There are many Country variation versions you can buy of a Ticket to Ride. You can also buy additional game boards from the website as well as a 1910 expansion pack that is a lot of fun to play with. Buy the core game and then you can choose to add other features f you desire, but the only thing you need is the core game.

What makes A Ticket to Ride so unique is that this board games is extremely popular with both casual gamers as well as hardcore board gaming enthusiasts. The game is easy to learn for new players and you are probably going to play this board game on a regular basis as most people enjoy playing it.

It Came to Pass

It Came to Pass is a card game that is similar in some attributes to UNO, yet is entirely different in many aspects. It Came to Pass is much more fun the UNO once you catch onto the rules. It Came to Pass is a card game designed for 2-8 players. Many families will modify the rules for 2 people games by taking out some of the special cards. It Came to Pass is advertised and sold as a “Mormon Card Game”; although you definitely do not need to be Mormon to enjoy this game. It Came to Pass can be enjoyed by all players even if they are atheists.

Apples to Apples

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Apples to Apples is one of those unique games that is  a lot of fun to play even if you are losing This game is great for parties and is designed to have fun with. Apple to Apples is fun for 3 or more people. Playing with a large group of 4-5 players or more makes this game the most fun. This game is hilarious and is definitely worth purchasing. This is one of those board games you must play to appreciate. If you have not played Apples to Apples yet then you are definitely in the minority and need to play it immediately so you can understand why this game is so popular.

Cards Against Humanity

If you have played Apples to Apples and liked it but want to sp[ice it up a bit and make the game super funny then check out Cards Against Humanity. Cards Against Humanity is played in the same manner as Apples to Apples but is “dirty minded” and designed for foul-mouthed potty humor. If you are looking for the funniest board game to play with adults then you need to but Cards Against Humanity off of Amazon. Cards Against Humanity is definitely not a board game you will want to play with your children. You will probably not even want your children in the same house much less the same room. Expect adults to be constantly laughing and acting immature. This game is by far the funniest board games as long as you are not easily offended.

Phase 10

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Phase 10 is a card game in which you play Rummy style hands. There are 10 different phases that need to be completed. You can only work on one phase during each stage, and then move on to the next phase after the round is completed if you were able to complete your phase. If you did not complete your phases then you have to repeat that phase. Each phase gets progressively harder and it makes for a very fun card game.

Family Games

Playing games with your friends and family is a fun and healthy way to bond with your friends and family. Games can also be educational. Some games may seem like they are overpriced but you need to look at the long term cost of the game. If you buy a board game that costs $50.00 and your family plays it 5 times a month, then after a year each play basically cost you less than $1.00. The more you play a board game you buy then the better the value is. As mentioned above, many libraries have board games you can check out. This gives you a relatively easy way to decipher of your family will enjoy playing the particular board game or not. The cost savings of buying a board game cannot be underestimated because if you take your family out to dinner, a movie, and ice cream afterwards then you will spend more money than the board game would have cost. Board games are a great value, regardless of the retail cost.