London might be famous for its pubs, but the city is also home to some of the best nightclubs in the world.  Whether you're looking to catch a world famous DJ or just grab a few drinks amongst a diverse crowd of young partiers, London clubs have what you're looking for.  Coming up with a list of the best nightclubs in London was no easy task as the city is home to numerous nightlife hubs, each with its own unique vibe.  Whether you live in London or you're planning a visit in the future, the following are some of the best nightclubs London has to offer.  

Ministry of Sound

London's top clubs
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No trip to London is complete without a night out at the city's most famous nightclub, Ministry of Sound.  Although the giant club houses five distinct rooms, it is surprisingly easy to navigate.  The main room, known as "The Box", has one of the world's most powerful sound systems.  As you enter through either of the sound proof entrances you'll notice signs warning of the volume.  Yes, it's that loud.  You would be hard pressed to find a club with a better lineup of world class DJs.  On any given weekend you can expect to see names like Tiesto, Hardwell and Calvin Harris.  Lines to enter the club can be long so make sure to buy tickets ahead of time to avoid waiting. 


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Infernos is one of London's true hidden gems and a definite must visit nightclub.  Located near Clapham Common, the club is a bit of journey from central London, but it is well worth the trip.  Infernos can best be described as a "meat market" - it's hands down one of the best places you can go if you're looking to meet a member of the opposite sex.  On weekends the club is raucous party and there is never a shortage of attractive young people and cheap drinks.  Few, if any visitors to London will have heard of Infernos, but as a local and they're likely to nod their heads and grin mischievously.

Proud Camden

London's top nightlife
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Proud Camden is one of the trendiest nightclubs in London's Camden Town.  It's also the only place in the city where you can reserve a VIP stable.  Yes, a stable.  The 200-year old building, formerly a horse hospital, has been distinctively remodeled.  Stables that once held injured horses have been transformed into six private VIP areas, each with its own unique theme.  The nightclub also includes a large room with a stage for live music and an outdoor bar and patio overlooking the street.


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Fabric is arguably London's best nightclub when it comes to live electronic music.  In 2013, DJ Mag ranked Fabric the #4 club in the world.  The venue includes three seperate soundproof dance floors with music ranging from hip-hop to drum and bass to electro.  The coolest feature of fabric?  It has a side room with oversized beds for partiers to ... rest on, naturally. 

If it's a view you're looking for then Paramount is a must visit.  Paramount bar and restuarant offers perhaps the best view of London.  The two floor establishment sits high atop London's Centre Point building on the 32nd and 33rd floors.  The bar and restaurant are located on the 32nd floor while the 33rd floor serves as a lounge with an amazing 360 degree panorama of the city.  Visitors enjoy a breathtaking view through floor-to-ceiling windows while being served by Paramount staff.

Now you're probably thinking that this nightclub is overpriced and difficult to get into - but hold on.  Reservations to eat or drink at Paramount are free and can be made easily online at  Make the reservation a few days ahead of time and you should have no problem getting in.  Yes, drinks are on the expensive side, but they are by no means outrageous and the prices are well worth the stunning view - as long as it's not foggy of course.