There is something magical about the creatures that on all accounts we may want to believe in.  Some of the stories that we have heard surrounding their actual existence makes us go “hum.”  From the first sightings to the urban legends these mythical creatures have captured our attention and have even been brought to life in Hollywood.  Some of them bring us joy and some of them scare the heck out of us, yet we still want to know more.  Let me tell you about some mythical creatures that are still relevant today

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1.       Chupacabra- This creature is associated with vampires and has a name that means “goat sucker.”  According to legends, the name originated from farmers who discovered their goats had been killed and all of their blood had been removed through puncture wounds in their neck.     They have the distinction of methodically killing farm animals throughout South America.  The description of the Chupacabra is that of a panther, dog, even a large rodent.  People are still fascinated today about the real existence of the Chupacabra, according to a news article in the Huffington Post dated today; the headline reads “Chupacabra’s with fangs blamed for sheep deaths in Mexico.”  Believe it or not!

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2.      Phoenix-One of my favorite sayings goes something like this “From the ashes I will rise like the Phoenix once again.”  This is exactly what this mystical bird is supposed to be able to do.  The bird is said to have lived for over 500 years in Ancient Egypt.  After that time passed, it would burn itself up and rise from the ashes, as the saying goes.  We have all loved representations of this beautiful birds as seen in “Harry Potter- Rise of the Phoenix” and the X-Men Movie, where character Jean Gray transforms into the Phoenix.  These movies give power to the message behind this mystical bird, which means no matter what we are faced with and how far it may pull us down, we can still rise again in triumph.

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3.      Griffin-This beast is said to be half lion and half eagle with the tail of a snake.  They are supposedly habitats of India and have existed since 2000 B.C.  These creatures are symbols for courage and heroism.  If you have ever seen them portrayed in movies they are a most majestic species.  The Republic of Genoa chose the Griffin to symbolize power relating to seafaring their ships in the Middle Ages.  If you’ve seen the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia” you have seen this beautiful creature displaying its fierceness and majesty.

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4.      Unicorn-The Unicorn has always been known to the world as a magical creature.  This creature appears as a white horse with a horn in the middle of his forehead.  His color stands for purity and his nature is wild and untamable.  According to legend, Ghingis Khan and Julius Cesar have witnessed these mythical creatures.   The creature is a symbol of strength and life as seen in “Harry Potter-The Socerer’s Stone.”  The blood of the Unicorn was ingested to preserve the life of Voldemort.  Now that's power!

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5.      Quetzalcoatl-This serpent god of fertility and creation has its origin with the Aztecs and other Middle Americans.  He is said to have created a world known as the 5th world and its people.  He later became a death and resurrection symbol.  Some believe that in 2012 the Quetzalcoatl will come down and destroy the earth as a part of the Myan prophecies surrounding this year.

Many mythical creatures exist if only in our minds and stand for symbols of strength, triumph and even fear.  Through the years we have come to know and appreciate the power they possess real or not.  Our lives will continue to be entangled in the mysteries of theirs as they weave in and out of our reality.  Our belief in them and their continued ventures into our world through news portals or movies keep them relevant.