1. You will definitely get rich quick with internet marketing: Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

Internet marketing has been seen by many as the modern equivalent of the Gold Rush. They believe that anyone can jump right in and make a ton of cash without working for it. The truth is that there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme when it comes to internet marketing. You need to work to lay the foundation for a solid online business and website before you will start to see results. This myth is also dangerous in that as common sense will tell us, there is no guarantee of anything in life. Plus, the idea that it will happen quickly is dangerous because it may discourage people if the money does not start pouring in as fast as they might hope, so they just give up. If you continue to put consistent effort into your internet marketing business, you will see the results, but don't think it will be like a gushing oil well. If you manage to get a trickle, that will be a great start.

2. Internet market is simple:

This myth is put about by people who have no idea of what it takes to make money online. It may be easy for some people--others have just got lucky. But for most internet marketers, even the top gurus, they struggled for years to get where they are today, learning as they went along. To be a successful internet market, you need to invest the time, money and effort it takes to grapple with the steep learning curve of online marketing and how to start up and run a successful online company. Think of it as a college education in web marketing. As we know, most college degrees take at least 4 years and a lot of studying. In this case, you will also need to cope with hands-on tasks like building a website, writing content, driving traffic and so on. Time is going to be the biggest thing you spend as you work towards becoming an internet marketer, but the good news is, the more you work on your business, the more successful it will grow.

3. Anyone can be an internet marketer:

Lots of people believe that internet marketing is so simple, anyone can do it. They look at friends or family members who are successful at online marketing and think they can do it to. The truth is that it is not for everyone. You need to have a certain personality which will carry you through the hard work, the dull, tedious and repetitive parts of being the marketer and you need some special skills and talents as well, especially when it comes to writing good content, ads and marketing material. Yes, internet marketing can be a lot of fun, but it is certainly not a game. You many get to work from home, but you need to treat it as a real job if you want to get great results. If you are not prepared to treat it as a new or second career that you will be making consistent money from, you will most likely fail in only a few months.

4. You can make a ton of money online without money, time or effort

This is another internet marketing myth. In fact, the more time and effort you spend, the more you will succeed. Being willing to then re-invest the money you make into the business will help it become even more successful. While it is true that you do not need a lot of start up capital or inventory in order to start your own internet marketing business, you will need to pay for website registration, hosting fees, and so on.

5. You need to come up with a totally new idea-all of the best marketing niches are too competitive

The fact that people are already making money in a particular niche should tell you it is worth marketing to. Therefore, there is no need to come up with any new ideas. All you have to do is give your visitors quality and value and set yourself above and apart from all the rest of the people marketing in your niche.