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It can not only be an annoyance when you have severe headaches which interfere with your daily life, it can also affect you emotionally too. It can be physically draining to suffer in silence with chronic migraines, so one should seek medical attention if they are causing regular and persistent trouble in daily life.

The five tips provided in this article are by no means the only solutions and nor do they provide definitive answers. However, they do offer some ways in which you can better manage the situation naturally.

It can be a struggle to focus on tasks with headaches, your concentration span can suffer and you may feel that no-one else can understand what you are going through. Rest assured however that you are not alone in feeling like this, and that there are immediate ways in which you can alleviate the problem, today. So let us now look at five of the ways in which you can better manage your headache pain.

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1. Head Massage

A wonderful and stress busting way to alleviate your migraine is to have a head massage. You could get a loved one to do this for you, or you could book into a beauty salon to have one done professionally. You could even do this by yourself. This is one of the easiest and gentlest ways to relieve the pain caused by headaches in a calming manner. You will feel relaxed, soothed, calmer and your breathing will slow down.

In addition, your heart rate will lower due to all this calmness and therefore your blood pressure will drop too. Overall, a head massage will help to get more oxygen to your brain cells, and can be a fantastically simple way to stop those migraine pains in their tracks. In addition, this tip would be free money-wise if you can manage to persuade a loved one or friend to kindly carry this out for you.

As well as this, sometimes headaches can be caused from eye strain. Closing your eyes and gently rubbing the eye lids in small circular motions could be a mini ‘eye lid massage’, and this could ease the tension in your eyes. Alternatively, placing cucumber pieces or cold and soothing tea bags or an eye mask over them could help to ease the pain as well.

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2. Yoga

It cannot be stressed enough what a wonderful tool yoga can be for the body and for improving the calmness of the mind too. When you practice yoga, you not only stretch and move physically, you also work on your breathing and the control of your muscles. Your body’s alignment and even your balance can be improved from it too. This affects the mind because it can help you to relieve physical tensions that you have built up, and the slower breathing involved in yoga will make you feel calmer too.

As well as this, any exercise is going to release feel-good endorphins into your system, so your body is going to get a natural boost from doing yoga too.

Below is a great YouTube video from the channel ‘Yoga with Adriene’. In this video she covers the basics of yoga for someone who is new to it. Why not switch off from everything for a moment and follow along with this taster video. By the end of it you will feel fantastic, calmer and more relaxed, as I know I did. All of this gentle physical activity will certainly aid the pain your migraines have been causing too.

 WalkCredit: jorgeyu3. Moderate Exercise

Certainly it can be very difficult to find the motivation to do any exercise at all when one has a headache. This is especially true when it is so persistent and severe that it is interfering with normal daily functioning. However, even going for a short walk, doing some housework or gardening, you will be getting the benefits of exercise to your body, your cells and to your brain.

Ultimately, this will release feel-good hormones called endorphins into your system. This will help to make you feel calmer and more comfortable mentally. In addition, doing any type of exercise could help to take your mind off the headaches for a while, and this in itself can be a great relief.

 RelaxCredit: Seemann4. Visualization

Confronting a headache from the root or source, (which is obviously in your brain), equips you with a tool to combat it. Visualization is one of the ways in which you can achieve this. Other words for this technique are ‘guided meditation’, ‘guided imagery’ or ‘mental imagery relaxation[1]’ for example.

To start a visualization exercise, sit down in a comfy chair or lie down where you are comfortable. Try to find a quiet environment without the distraction of other noises. Close your eyes and concentrate on the steady rise and fall of your breathing. Take deep breaths to relax more. Now picture a scene that is relaxing to you.

It may be a meadow with green grass and the sun shining, or a paradise island with palm trees, white sands and crystal clear blue waters. Either way, focus in on this mental imagery and imagine yourself there right now. Think of the sounds you would hear, the light and what the sky would look like.

If you are struggling to visualize anything, then you may choose to imagine your favorite place, a recent holiday destination or somewhere you have seen on television or online. The key is to hold this scene in your head and use this exercise as a kind of escape from reality.

If you can do this exercise for even five minutes once or twice a day, it could help to calm and sooth you. You may wish to listen to some relaxing music whilst you practice this visualization exercise. The below video from YouTube channel ‘The Honest Guys’ features three hours of relaxing music. It also includes the sounds of water throughout to add an extra calming feel. With over 20 million views, it is clearly a popular choice of meditation for many.

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5. Listening To Gentle Music

Touching upon the music mentioned in tip four, gentle sounds could also be a great aid to sooth your migraines. Whilst loud music or repetitive noises are certainly going to be distracting and uncomfortable, if you can tolerate any sounds at all, then gentle background music could help. This is because it could relax you and provide you with a focus other than the pain.

Certainly, if you are highly stressed and this is causing your headaches then saying ‘no’ more to extra shifts at work could act to improve your sense of mental well being more. If you are drinking copious amounts of alcohol then this too could be a contributing factor. Try to make sure that you are staying sufficiently hydrated throughout the day by drinking eight glasses of water throughout the day.

Try to also eat a healthy and balanced diet which includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoiding processed foods or ones with lots of sugar in them could also help to re-balance your blood sugar levels too. Having hot baths or showers will help to dilate your blood vessels and to get more blood and oxygen to your brain and cells, which could ease migraine pain.

But remember to always see a doctor if your headaches are persistent and causing you daily agony and upset.

I hope that these simple and brief five tips can provide you with some extra ways to ease your headaches naturally today.