With the new year right around the corner, it's time again to make some resolutions that will change our lives in a positive way. It's long been a tradition to select a few things that we will work on in the new year and do our best to stick to them. New years resolutions can cover almost anything that impacts our lives in any way such as our health, relationships, and career. Here are 10 common New Year's resolutions along with some tips on how to stick with them.

Get A Better Job

Everyone wants to make more money and a common resolution is to get a better job. If you've worked the same job for 10 years and barely seem to get enough raises to keep up with inflation, finding a new place to work could be a great goal to shoot for. It's easy to stay in a low paying job simply because you are used to it. You know how much your paychecks are going to be every payday and you've budgeted yourself around that for a long time. Eventually, inflation, having kids, emergencies, and more will pop up and that budget simply won't do. If you don't like your job much anyway, now is the time to start networking and finding out if there's something better for you out there.

Get A Promotion

If you love your job and it's definitely your lifelong career, the new year is the perfect time to start setting yourself apart from the rest of the employees that work at the same level as you. If you are a manager of a retail store, for example, now's the time to start spreading your name around and looking to see if there's a district position opening soon or something else that will give you a hefty pay raise and a better title. Odds are, there are a lot of openings in your company that you may not even know about and it's much easier to hire internally than getting someone else and training them. Now is the time to make your move!

Improve Your Relationship

If you are married or in a relationship, the beginning of a new year is a great time to end old fights and get that spark back that you had when you first met. You don't need to be stuck in a boring routine. This is the perfect time to schedule some "spontaneous" weekend getaways, mini-vacations, or new and exciting dates. Successful relationships don't let themselves get too stale so pick up a relationship Ebook or do some research online to find some great spots in your area where you and your loved one can go to do something new that you both will enjoy. That's the big key here. Find activities you both enjoy, don't do "We'll golf today, and do pottery tomorrow." because really that's just giving both of you a day of misery which counteracts the day of fun.

Quit Smoking

This a resolution thousands of people make every year and immediately fail because they spend New Year's Eve out drinking and smoking. Before you know it, 2am rolls around, you are still smoking, and the resolution is already void. "I'll start tomorrow" can turn into weeks, months, then years before you know it. Try supplementing your habit with something else such as an electronic cigarette, or other forms of nicotine replacement therapy. Many states will give you a few weeks worth of patches or gum for free to encourage you to quit. You can usually ask your doctor or call the health department in your area to see if your state has such a program. These usually come with an optional mentor who can call and give you guidance and even support groups.

Lose Weight

The number one resolution made around the world is "I will lose weight this year". This is more than just a resolution because it can have a very beneficial impact in every aspect of your life. Being overweight can lead to heart disease, stroke, arthritis, diabetes, low self esteem, breathing problems, and much more. If you are overweight you already know all this but it's very difficult to stick to a plan where you diet and exercise. The key is to find something you actually like to do. The Wii Fit is pretty fun and can actually help you lose a little bit of weight each week if you spend 20 minutes on it each day. It sure beats walking around the block 10 times. If you have a Wii, give that a shot. If motivation isn't your problem but free time is, join a cheap gym that is open 24 hours. That will give you the freedom to access the gym whenever it's convenient for you.

The biggest key to successfully sticking to your resolutions is to keep them reasonable. If you plan to quit smoking on January 1st cold turkey, that will take a lot of willpower and can be very difficult. Something good to try is each day reduce your cigarette intake by 1 cigarette. That can help quite a bit. With weight, set a realistic goal of 5-10 pounds lost per month. This will require a change in your lifestyle so be prepared for that. You will have to eat a little better and get some exercise. Adding a weight loss supplement could also help.

I personally recommend a PROPER diet, along with exercise. Want to know the reason people diet, lose weight, only to gain it all back? It is because you can't eat crap! People diet to lose weight and then go back to the same crap diet they had before! A proper diet is a life changing diet, not a one month, eat as little as you can diet.

These are just some of the common New Year's resolutions and really, they aren't very much fun. There's no law that says you can't have some really fun resolutions like "Play Legos with the kids every Saturday" or "Learn fencing". If you make your resolution something that you'll look forward to doing, it will almost always be a success and will make you feel good because you've stuck to your goals and had fun along the way.