The technical aspects of learning to play guitar such as scales, chords and tabs are all very important but there are a few non-technical things that a beginner guitarist can do that will help.

Place your guitar near by

The key to learning to play any new instrument is to play frequently. The best way to achieve this when learning to play guitar is to situate your guitar close by. By placing your instrument on a guitar stand next to your favourite armchair or along side the couch then you will be more likely to pick it up to strum a few chords. Before you know it you will be playing everyday without even realising it, which can only lead to improvement.

Play with others

Getting together with other musicians will provide motivation. Try setting up a regular guitar evening where you can swap tips and tabs and teach each other new chords and licks. It important to remember however that everyone progresses at their own speed so don’t be too downhearted if your guitar playing buddies seem to be getting their fingers around those blues licks a bit easier.

Pick your favourite song and learn it (or part of it)

The monotony of constantly repeating the same scales or playing through the same chord progressions time and again can be enough to make any guitarist fatigued. If you’re a guitarist (or learner guitarist) then you obviously have a love of music. Pick out your favourite song and get hold of the tab and learn a few notes or chords. Actually playing something that sounds like that band you love will be incredibly rewarding.

Set yourself a goal

Having a goal to work towards will help you stay focused. Aiming to learn a new chord each day or complete your scales without mistakes a set number of times before you put your guitar down will prevent your playing from going around in circles.

Record yourself (to measure your progress towards your goal)

It is easy to record your playing these days without having to spend huge amounts of money on expensive recording equipment. Most computers and smart phones have the facility to easily record audio. Record yourself on a weekly basis playing the same pieces and when you feel a bit unmotivated listen back to the early recordings to remind yourself how much you have progressed.

Although as mentioned above everyone progresses at a different pace, with a few small changes to how and when you play it is possible to improve your guitar playing whatever your level.