When designing  your bathroom, you want to make sure it will suit all your needs . During my time as a cabinetmaker I saw a lot of bathrooms, and took this experience on board when I did my own. 

Here are the 5 design ideas that a lot of people miss when designing their bathroom

1. Tile the floor first

Not only does it make tiling sense, it also makes sense for working on your bathroom. You can then go on and walk on your bathroom floor and do your shower, mirror, vanity. When your tiling just throw down a drop sheet or an old bed sheet to keep the mess off the floor.

Floor and Wall TilesCredit: Christopher D Brown

2. Big tiles

Tiles are a lot easier to clean than grout, so the trend is to use big tiles to avoid copious amounts of grout. No one wants to do excess cleaning if they don't have to, so over the last decade tile sizes have grown, you can now get tiles 500mm x 500mm or bigger. They are a little more expensive per metre, but you will save yourself time and a job that you really would rather not be doing.


3. Mirror placement

Mirrors can make smaller rooms look bigger. Big mirrors are also more accommodating for people of different shapes. Having a mirror that you don't have to duck or get on your tip toes to see, or is too small or even inappropriately placed is something you can think of when your designing.

My Bathroom WallCredit: Christopher D Brown

In the photo I have my mirror flush with the tiles. It was easy to install with some liquid nails and silicon around the side. Being flush also means that the wall looks sleeker and it saved me money on tiles also.

4. Plastic pipe

In the old days any plumbing pipe that held a pressure was copper. These days more and more plumbers are using plastic. Why? Plastic is quicker and easier to use. Instead of flaring and end, wrapping around the teflon tape and forcing the joins together, plastic just clips together. Depending on where you buy it, it is more expensive so do your homework. You can buy adapters that will go from copper to plastic if you are just doing one section of pipe. (one brand is 'Sharkbite')

5. Wash and Wear Paint

Because bathrooms are more moist than other rooms it is a good idea to use a wash and wear paint. The difference being that wash and wear is easier to clean and handles moisture better than normal paint. You can taint it the same, and vivid white is ceiling white.


Hardware stores and bathroom manufacturers have bathroom displays to give you more ideas about how to design your bathroom.

Thanks for reading.