You know what women most frequently complain about? The fact that most men don't know, or forget how to make a woman feel good.

Here are some quick simple tips on how to make a woman feel special with simple gestures and self-development.

1. When you're giving any sorts of compliment to a woman, look her straight in the eyes. Don't apply any cheesy pick up lines, and spurt out things you don't believe in. Compliment not her looks, but the intangible such as her intelligence or thoughtfulness.

2. Talk about something no one else does. Girls want guys who are fascinating, beyond the typical. Get educated. Tap into more cultures and learn about them.

3. Ask about her life with deeper, more meaningful, and personal questions. Don't be afraid of assuming it's too forward, or too early to get personal. It's a no holes bared society. The only person that's stopping you is yourself.

4. Make her smile, make her laugh when she's around you. Think about it, you'll be the only few people in her present life that's making her feel cheerful. When you can make a woman laugh, it also boosts your social status and is one of the greates ways attract other girls around you.

5. If you're with a girl, never be controlling or possessive. That's a no-no. Let her breathe. Give her freedom. You'll be surprised how many guys these days literally have a monitoring device strapped to a woman's life. They call or text message whenever the girl is away.

Guys, learn to make a woman feel special, but that does not mean you should behave slavishly.

If you know how to make a woman feel special with these simple techniques, I guarantee it can create same effect as giving a woman orgasm, except you're not even physically contacting them.

They will feel indebted to you, and will thereby want to keep you around. This is probably the best way to attract more women too.

Good luck guys.

To your dating success,

Andrew Wang