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Get organized now is something that most people intend to do but generally end up putting it off. If you would like to organize and declutter your home, there’s no better time to start than now. Once you start organizing your home and you see the benefits, you’ll likely be motivated to keep it organized. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune in organizers. Look for things that you already have around the home. So, why not get organized now and reap the rewards?

1. Take out those jars and get organized now. Use jars in the kitchen to store pasta, rice, beans and cereal. Opened boxes and plastic bags can make the pantry look messy. Use jars in the bathroom to store and organize items such as cotton balls, bath salts, soaps and make-up brushes.

2. Don’t throw away your checkbook boxes; use them to get organized now. The boxes that checks come in are just the right size to organize small drawers. You can spray paint them to match your decor, or you can cover the box with wrapping paper and apply a light decoupage finish. Position the box and the lid side by side in a drawer and organize small items.

When used in the bathroom, you can organize your make up, hairpins or other items such as tweezers and nail clippers. Another option is to use these neat little boxes to organize your desk. They’re perfect to organize your pens, paper clips, tacks and glue sticks.

3. Get organized now with egg cartons. Most people consume eggs. Why not recycle the egg cartons to organize your garage or sewing room. Egg cartons are perfect for storing screws, nuts and bolts and small nails.

Use the cartons in your sewing or craft room to organize buttons, beads and sequences. If you’re using multiple egg cartons, keep all the egg cartons neatly organized in a chest.

4. Get organized now in the bedroom with vintage suitcases. If you have any vintage suitcases, use them to organize your out-of-season clothes, blankets or momentos.

If you have multiple suitcases, create a presentation. Arrange them on the floor by a wall from largest to smallest. Hang a picture on the wall above the suitcases and position a potted green plant on top of the suitcases. A plant with drooping ivy would be ideal for this type of arrangement.

5. Use baskets to get organized now. Instead of having remotes lying around, place a small basket near the television set. Put all your remotes in the basket. When you need to use a remote, you know exactly where it is - no more looking between the cushions.

Line multiple baskets (same size) on a shelf. Use the baskets to keep hobby supplies, office supplies or books. Larger baskets can store toys in the nursery.

Another way that you can get organized now is by installing a shelf above the toilet. Line up a few baskets and use them to keep your rollers, brushes or rolled up washcloths.

Baskets have many uses. If you run out of baskets, you can generally find inexpensive baskets at garage sales or at your local dollar store. What’s more, you can spray paint baskets to match your decor.

Getting organized does not have to be expensive. Often, a bit of time and an active imagination is all you need to get organized now. Consider a charging station for your cell phones to keep your chargers organized. In addition to the suggestions mentioned above, give tin/metal containers, shoeboxes and vintage dishes a second life. Think of ways to incorporate such items into your organizing techniques to help you get organized now.

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