Looking to spice up your backyard or patio? Try adding a new set of outdoor rugs. Outdoor living rooms and backyard dens are a great way to make your home's outdoors spaces more inviting and elegant. Outdoor rugs let you bring the comfort of indoor living outside. As the trend towards outdoor living spaces has grown, many rug manufacturers have started to come out with products that specifically designed to be used outdoors, while retaining the decorative elements of indoor rugs and carpets. Here are just five great outdoor rug ideas for your yard.

Braided Rugs
A great classic rug option, braided rugs bring the flavor of country living to your yard. You can use them ideally on your patio or wooden deck. Look for outdoor braided rugs that are made out of 100% polypropylene fabric, as these are specifically built to be tougher against outside elements and more resistant to stains.

Bamboo Rugs
Bamboo rugs are great way to spice up your yard or patio. Bamboo rugs have a very unique look that lends a more naturalistic feel to your outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors under a thatched umbrella, imagining you're in a tropical paradise sipping on a mai tai. Bamboo rugs come in a wide variety of styles, from rougher finishes that have a tropical flavor to smoother and sleeker contemporary finishes. Whatever your design vision is though, nothing offers a mix of the exotic and the elegant like bamboo.

Floor Mats
Outdoor floor mats don't just come in small sizes. Floor mat refers more to a type of rug, as opposed to a specific size, so you can find a wide variety of sizes out there that will fit whatever flooring needs you have. Outdoor mats are usually made of durable plastic fabric that's lightweight and easy to clean. Another plus about floor mats is that they come in wide variety of bright colors.

Handmade Rugs
Handmade rugs are no longer just being made for indoor use. A lot of rug manufactures are catching on the the outdoor rugs trend and creating handmade rugs that have the luxury and comfort associated with them, but also the durability and toughness required for outdoor use. Handmade outdoor rugs are made with weather resistant, synthetic yarns.

Machine-made Outdoor Rugs
Machine-made outdoor rugs are a great affordable option for your outdoor rug needs. If you shop around you can find plenty of good-quality outdoor rugs for your deck, patio or yard at the fraction of the price you'd pay for traditional handmade rugs.