5. Friedrich Nietzsche

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Standard existentialist philosopher for those nerdy hipsters who are into books and crap (secretly, we all want to be like that). Although unknown to many, he is the owner of the quote "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger." This german is hated by churches for his blasphemous books such as 'The Antichrist' and his claim that 'god is dead', which appeal to hipsters embarking on their journey through the undiscovered. If you're interested, start with 'Beyond Good and Evil' and move on to 'Thus Spake Zarathustra'.

4. Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali(125755)
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One of the most influential modern artists, and a favorite among most hipsters is Salvador Dali. He is widely known not only for his surrealist paintings, but also for his unique appearance and flamboyant moustache. He may be familiar to some through his portrayals in films such as Midnight in Paris or Little Ashes (ironically starring Robert Pattinson!!11!1!).

3. Thom Yorke

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Radiohead vocalist/songwriter. Enough. Said.

(If you're new to Radiohead, I would suggest starting with OK Computer)

2. James Mercer

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If you have not been introduced to the indie music scene that is commonly shared among hipsters, you may not have heard of The Shins.

This indie rock band is impressive despite the relatively low album sales, making it an ideal hipster favorite. James Mercer, lead guitarist and main songwriter, appeals with his lyrics and music to all of those who consider themselves the connoisseurs of music, while escaping the mainstream.

1. M.C. Escher

 This Dutch graphic artist is well known for his impossible paintings, featuring visual illusions and playing with perspective in order to create different images according to how they are viewed. Some of his mainstream works include Drawing Hands, but other, more impressive works, which are common among hipsters include Relativity and Waterfall (which is a masterpiece in my opinion).


Drawing Hands

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