Various aspects of life that we take for granted today can be attributed to different people in the past that had the opportunity to start something from nothing or by altering an old ideology. In essence these are people that changed the world. Some of these people were in prison and they were able to use the plenty of time they had at their disposal to come up with new ideas and items. The areas of changes include politics, technology, written word, entertainment, business, internet and sports. Let us look at five people in the long list of world changers and what they did.

WilliWilliam AddisCredit: Addis

In early times, people used salt and a piece of cloth to clean their teeth. Addis was a prisoner in the 18th century and he was almost getting used to the idea of cleaning his teeth when one day he thought of how dirty the rugs he was using could get. Therefore, he set out to develop a new way to clean his teeth. He used a bone and some tools to make a handle to which he attached bristles. He acquired the bristles from guard. At the end of his development he had come up with the first toothbrush ever.


Mahatma Gandhi

This is the man that is well known for his impact in politics. He has several literally works with the first one being his autobiography entitled “The Story of My Experiments with Truth”. He is a great supporter of non violence and he is mostly known for encouraging people to be the change that they would like to see in the world.

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Sir Isaac Newton

This was a scientist who developed the foundation for various technological developments. He is known for his discoveries in gravity and the Newtonian laws of motion. In the former discovery he noted that matter did not move upwards but always moved towards the center of the earth. In addition, he went on do more experiments on the same and even calculated of the force at work in these scenarios. The latter has three laws which give the different cases in which motion can happen.

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William Shakespeare

This was a man who cannot be left out in the list of the people that changed the world. He was an English poet as well as a play writer who revolutionized the written word. He wrote approximately thirty eight plays, long narrative poems as well as normal length poems and sonnets. His work can be found in many different languages and this just shows how influential his work is. Actually, his plays are still used by scholars for study even today.

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Larry Page and Sergey Brin

These are two people who worked relentlessly in making information available at the click of a mouse. These two had a mission to get the information around the world organized. They have achieved the greater part of their mission since they invented Google. This is the application that is used by most people on the internet. Actually, there is a paradigm that if you ever need to find anything then Google can always find it for you. It has made activities like e-shopping and e-learning possible.


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