Looking at home décor stores and in specialty rug stores, you will see that there are so many types of floor rugs that you can use for your home. Floor rugs are an easy way to highlight, decorate and change the look of any area or space. These rugs can protect you from the cold floors, and can protect the floors from wear. That is what makes them popular with so many people.

Among the many shapes that these rugs are found in, oval is one of the most interesting. An oval shaped floor rug can be used in almost any place in the home. The oval shape can help to soften the look of any rectangular or square shaped room. These oval shaped rugs are also available in many different styles, types and designs which make them a cinch to incorporate into your home. You can use the oval rug in a natural fiber or in a synthetic material. Whatever you choose, the oval rug can surely make the space more attractive.

So what are some of the best places to use an oval rug? One of the best areas for this shaped rug is in the living room. The living room is a great place to bond and spend time in with family and friends. So a large wool oval rug will be great for this purpose. Wool is tough and can withstand high traffic and is also easy to clean, which makes it great for areas like the living room and the dining room. Another material you can try out is polypropylene. This is another tough material for a rug, and is sold at a much more affordable price than wool. If your living room is modern, you can try using an oval contemporary rug. On the other hand, if your living room is more laid back, how about using an oval shag rug?

The dining room is another great setting for an oval rug. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a rectangular rug for a rectangular dining table, or a round rug for a round dining table. You can use whatever shaped rug that you like, a long as the rug is large enough to accommodate your dining table. The rug should also be large enough to accommodate the dining chairs when they are pulled back from the table. For a country and homely look, try out an oval braided rug. For contemporary dining rooms, check out the many contemporary rugs with great designs such as stripes, wavy lines, geometrical or floral designs.

The bedroom would be another area in the home that would benefit from the use of an oval rug. If you want to add an element of luxury and opulence, you can try out an oval silk oriental rug. Or perhaps you want something with a more playful texture like a shag rug. You can also try using a plush oval Flokati rug in the bedroom for a soft and comfortable surface to pad on. You can place the rug under your bed, alongside your bed or right smack in the middle of your bedroom to achieve different looks. The choice is entirely up to you.

Another great place in the home for an oval shaped rug is in the kitchen. Kitchen rugs have adorable motifs such as vegetables, fruits, flowers and roosters on them. These are all available in oval. Place a small oval braided rug in a country kitchen, or use a vintage Art Deco oval kitchen rug in a more contemporary setting. You can also try out a rooster on your oval kitchen rug to give a country styled kitchen more oomph.

We've seen how the oval floor rug can be used indoors; we mustn't forget that it is also very suitable to be used outdoors. Thanks to the many styles and patterns, you can surely find an outdoor oval rug to go with whatever outdoor area you have, such as a patio, deck, or porch. Choose suitable materials for the outdoors such as acrylic and polypropylene. These oval outdoor rugs will make the outdoors as beautiful and as comfortable as the indoors.

Oval rugs can be used in any space in any home. Whatever your style preferences are, there is definitely one rug out there that can fulfill your needs.