When traveling through southern Idaho there are many attractions that you may want to stop at

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is located on the outskirts of Twin Falls Idaho. Shoshone Falls is a magnificent site to behold when the water is running fast. Unfortunately the water level is usually pretty low as they strip off the water upstream for farms and power.

Shoshone Falls is a waterfall that is actually 40 feet TALLER than Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls tends to look taller because visitors too Niagara Falls can view it from down low. At Shoshone Falls you are actually looking down on the water falls so it does not appear to be as tall when in fact it is much taller. When the water is running high you must stop and see Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls Idaho.

Perrine Bridge

The Perrine Bridge located in Twin Falls Idaho is the ONLY bridge in the world where BASE jumping is allowed year round with no permit. The Perrine Bridge is an excellent place to have a picnic in the summer time. Not on the bridge its self of course but in the picnic area located by the visitors center. You can walk across the bridge or even under the bridge. BASE jumpers come from all over the world to jump off of the Perrine Bridge.

When standing on the bridge look towards the east on the edge of the canyon rim and you will see a huge dirt ramp in the distance. That is the remnants of the actual Evel Knevel jump site when he attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon.

Balanced Rock

The Balanced Rock is a huge rock that very thin on the bottom. The Balanced Rock appears as if it should tip over but it does not. A must see site. Simply amazing.

City Of Rocks

The City Of Rocks is located near Oakley Idaho. The City Of Rocks is very popular with rock climbers as well as treasure seekers. History tells us a huge cache of stolen gold was buried there. Was it ever found? Not that we know of so there is a good chance the treasure is still hidden in the City Of Rocks area.

Pomerelle Ski Area

Pomerelle Ski Area is located near Albion Idaho. Pomerelle Ski Area is a year round destination. In the winter time visitors can ski, snowboard and even sled on Pomerelle. During the summer you can ride to the top of the mountain on the ski lift with your mountain bike and then cruise back down to the bottom. That is the best bike riding in the world. All fun and no pedaling.

Albion Idaho

Albion Idaho is where the old haunted school is. Seriously. Every October the historic Albion Normal school has part of it transformed into a spook alley. While in town make sure you have a bite to eat at the Sage Mountain restaurant.