If you are a business person, then you know there is not just one secret to running a successful business. There is no such thing as too much good advice. What more could you want than advice from ones who have already succeeded.

Check out these great free podcasts that can help you in your business and personal finance.

1. The James Altucher Show 

James has had quite a life. He has created and sold online businesses that have made him millions. He has faced and overcame failures in his life. He will show you lessons you can learn and apply as well. You will love the variety of guests he has on his show including successful entrepreneurs, authors, actors, producers, and more. Most guests explain what helped them to achieve their goals and how you can do the same in your life. 

2. The Hundred Dollar MBA 

Would you like an Masters of Business Degree, but not the debt and time that it take to get one? If so, you will love this podcast of mini business lessons. These business lessons are broken up into small five to ten minute lessons that are applicable in any business. Questions are answered in specific and practical ways, that you will be able to apply immediatly in your own business.

3. The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave is a self made millionaire that teaches people the same principles that lead to his success. He calls these principles "baby steps" to financial freedom. His no-nonsence advice can really secure your business and help you make good decisions that will keep you afloat financially . He teaches that a debt free life is the new status symbol of today. He explains how  lack of debt reduces risk and the benefits of not borrowing money.  

4. You Need a Budget 

This podcast is brought to you by the creator of a software program called " You need a budget." He teaches people quick easy ways to plan and manage month to month expenses that allows you to get a good grip on your finances. 

5. The Tim Ferris Show 

Ranked #1 of iTunes best business podcasts,  the Tim Ferris Show is  an excellent business podcast. Tim Ferris is the successful author of "The 4 Hour Work Week".  He teaches you effective ways to manage your time, money, and life in a way that leads to success. He has interviewed guests  ranging from best selling authors like Tony Robbins to the president of Pixar. Add this podcast to your next playlist and you will be on your way to business success. 

These five podcasts will help you save more money, make good business decisions, and help you plan your next move. They may even make your drive home just a little bit more interesting too.