If you desire a more sophisticated or elegant look for your home, chandelier lighting is certainly the best choice to make. They are also highly effective in providing your home with an exceptional amount of light, ensuring that you have adequate illumination for performing any and all tasks. There are a number of different chandelier styles currently available, ensuring that you are able to make the most appropriate choice. But what are they?

Crystal Chandelier(128845)
  • Crystal: This is one of the more popular choices out there, as these fixtures are extraordinarily beautiful and add a distinct feeling of grandeur to the home. They are often available in two or three tiered designs and the glass used in its construction will jingle together, much like a wind chime. These chandeliers are often hung in entryways and formal living areas, where the beauty of the crystal can be truly appreciated by guests.
Traditional Chandelier
  • Traditional: This is another popular choice, as the wrought iron fixture is just as beautiful as its crystal counterpart. The metal, however, is known for being quite heavy, so you must ensure that your ceiling is strong enough to handle the extra weight. The main reason behind the popularity of these chandeliers is that they are extremely easy to care for and maintain. These lights are generally hung in rooms that feature a heavy timber décor.
  • Contemporary: These sorts of fixtures are rather unusual, as they steer clear of the more traditional materials used in both of the styles outlined above. The main trait of this type of chandelier lighting is that style is favoured over practicality. Some of the more popular materials include chrome, frosted glass and brushed nickel – they are designed to be noticed and not to blend into the background. As such, they are often hung in attention grabbing locations.
Contemporary chandeliers
  • Rustic: These sorts of fixtures are often seen as being at the other end of the spectrum to contemporary ones. They are much more grounded in nature, as they are generally comprised of metal, timber and even animal horns or antlers. In many respects these chandeliers are seen as being ‘anti modern’ because they favour the more natural aspects of our world when most people try to steer clear of them. They are commonly placed in old lodges, wooden cabins and country-style homes.
  • Mini: This is the smallest type of chandelier on the market and is also one of the newest. They can take on the traits of any of the other styles outlined above and are simply defined by their much smaller size (usually 9 to 12 inches in total). Even so, these types of fixtures are seen as being inherently modern because they are a complete departure from the usual idea of being over the top and grandiose. They are generally hung in apartments or even smaller spaces.
Rustic chandelier

When choosing chandelier lighting for your home, it is important that you take into consideration your existing décor, as this will allow you to choose a fixture that blends seamlessly with your theme. If you ever run into any difficulties in choosing a chandelier that is appropriate for your home, do not hesitate to approach a lighting specialist and describe exactly the style that you are after; they should be able to help you out.