The living room is the core area of most homes and is considered to be the part of the house where the whole family usually gathers and bond during their waking hours. The way you choose the color of paint can concretely affect you in terms of mood, eyestrain, or emotional responses. If you have watched the movie “Sex & the City”, a stylish cast said, “Never ignore the paint”. Indeed, the paint in your living room walls or any other rooms in your homes can set the atmosphere and could also indirectly tell your style preference and personality.

Choosing the right color to paint your living room is a big challenge. There are a lot of hues and shades to choose from, and this makes picking the right one even more difficult. You have to consider your furniture, decors, and everything else around the area. Sometimes, you cannot even just pick for your favorite color. You have to mix and match color ideas to make your living room conducive to its purpose in your home. If you are experiencing difficulties on picking the right color, all you have to do is to plan and narrow down your paint color choices by studying some of the most popular colors to paint your living room.

 Here are some of the most popular colors to paint your living room: 


Green is considered to be one of the cool colors that can make family members or visitors feel relaxed and calm. This color invites people to stay in the living room, have some cup of tea, and enjoy conversations. Sage green, particularly, is one of the most popular cool paint colors to use on living room walls. It expresses purity and tranquility. Other shades of green, which are also popular options for living rooms, are olive green and light fern. However, too saturated and dark shades like lime green and dark green can be overbearing color choices. If you want to lighten up the space, paint wall trim white.



Beige is one of those neutral colors which are popularly chosen to be painted in the living room. These neutral colors such as buff, tan, and beige provide warmth in the living room and they serve as neutral backgrounds for your accessories, curtains, and furniture, and are good color choices when it comes to decorating. Beige is continuously chosen as a living room paint color because of its warm and neutral tone. It is not as plain as white or as calm as gray. This is a simple color for your living room that can be easily paired with variety of furniture styles and accent colors.



Yellow is another popular warm color fitting to be painted in the living room. Warm colors like yellow, bring out vitality, energy, and warmth in the living room. These are things you need to experience when all you want to do is to sit in your living room and relax. Pale creamy yellow is the one most favored in terms of shades. Avoid those shades of yellow that are too loud or too gold because eyes get tired of them hastily. When you have decided to paint your living room the bright, sunny yellow, make sure to pair it with bright or pure white ceilings to have that clean and fresh look.


Like yellow, red is another warm color that most people and stylish interior designers choose to paint in the living room. All shades of this color are popular choices in the living room. Red with rich and deep hues express elegance and can turn the heat up without having to adjust your thermostat. Red shades like deep burgundies, flannel long johns, dusty watermelon, and those compared to wines are all popular choices. There are different emotions and feelings evoked in each shade. You must always remember that when you paint your living room red, make sure to paint your ceiling with tiniest amount of coral or pink, or depending on which shade is used. It is a no-no to pair red with a ceiling of pure white.

 Gray Pastels

Over the past decades, pastel shades have been updated to gray tinges instead of white bases. Blue shades and gray-toned lavender are strongly recommended by stylists and interior designers as these colors create a more modern touch of the classic shades of pastel. Such shades can help you on preventing too difficult or too bright space to bout with other colors. Use gray furniture and curtains to bring out the gray undertones.


Once you have chosen the perfect paint for your home, you are now ready for remodeling.  You can always paint your home yourself if you have prior experience doing so. 

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