When planning to purchase popular engagement rings settings, there are lots of things to be considered.  The budget, design, beauty, shape, durability or strength of the settings and the authenticity of the materials and process are very important.

Five Most Popular Engagement Rings Settings

Split Shank Engagement Rings

When you talk timeless engagement ring, the most popular of all is the split shank engagement rings.  Known for the design that never fades through the years, split shank type of the ring is divided into two three parts, the stone and the band that is divided into two.  The style still varies on the stone setting.  Customers may choose from the plain split shank rings with stone on the two shanks of the band. 

Halo Engagement Rings

The halo setting features the diamonds encircling on the center of the gem, the purpose is to emphasize the beauty and the brilliance of the stone.  The halo increases the size of the stone.  The design having its vintage quality can be combined with other alternative settings.

Irish Claddagh Rings

Irish Claddagh rings are named from the place it came from, Claddagh. It was traditionally given as a sign of friendship but has made its entrance to the engagement ring world. It is characterized with a heart as the centrepiece of the ring. It is wrapped with a circle and above it is a crown. Any gem may be used. The design is really shown through the metal instead of the stone. If you want to go unconventional, get the Irish Claddagh Rings.

Antique Emerald Rings

The Victorian designs are making a come back but with a modern twist. This is achieved by using different stones around the big diamond to create an intricate and elaborate look. Antique emerald rings are also highly associated with the Victorian era.

Customized Modern Designs

There are buyers that wanted customized design and that is very popular.  Customized design of engagement rings, give them the confidence and assurance of their purchased jewelries.  There are lots of wholesalers of engagement rings that offer this kind of service.

Some buyers are willing to pay more for a very gorgeous look. You may incorporate the split shank type of engagement ring with the tension setting. You may also create different gems. 

Whether you go modern with the split shank or halo engagement rings or unconventional with Irish Claddagh rings or vintage-modern with antique emerald rings, don’t forget one thing… get down on your knees.


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Split Shank Engagement Ring Setting

Credit: dbddiamonds.com

Halot Engagement Ring Setting

Halot Engagement Ring Setting
Credit: http://www.splitshankengagementringshop.com

Claddagh Ring

Claddagh Ring(111342)

Emerald Antique Ring

Emerald Antique Ring
Credit: Antique Emerald Rings