Urban clothing has been steadily gaining popularity. Clothing in the urban style is designed to appeal to hip-hop fans. Many younger people appreciate it for its comfort. It is often blended with other styles, including skateboarding clothing. Some popular urban wear features include baseball or knit caps, hoodies, loose-fitting jeans and noticeable jewelry. It is popular in several countries and across ethnic groups. Companies like Dr. Jay's and Akademiks carry cool urban clothing styles that suit a variety of budgets. Here are five popular brands:

1. Baby Phat

Baby Phat is a popular urban clothing company with women. The company is most popular for its baby tees with fun sayings. Kimora Lee Simmons, the designer, originally designed the shirts for promotional purposes. These T-shirts are commonly worn by celebrities, adding to the line's appeal.

The company produces a range of clothing that easily appeals to women of various age groups. In addition to T-shirts, some of the top products include jeans, hoodies, skirts and sleepwear. You can easily buy accessories, including jewelry, from the company to match your outfits. Baby Phat also sells cosmetic and beauty items, such as hair gels and perfume.

2. Akademiks

Akademiks clothing is designed by Donwan Harrell, who has experience working with several top designers. The line was introduced in 1999 and immediately became popular with college students. The clothing features an authentic hip-hop style, with other items that appeal to different tastes in style. Clothing made by Akademiks is known for comfort and being available in a range of styles. Men's, women's and youth clothing for both genders are available. Some of the most popular Akademiks items include graphic T-shirts and casual winter jackets. The jackets are known for both their warmth and their comfort.

3. Southpole

Southpole has been creating urban clothing since 1991. One of the things that the company is best-known for is offering the baggy jeans that have been a major part of the urban wear scene. The company was originally started by two brothers, David and Kenny Khym. In addition to quality denim products, Southpole also makes T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, jackets and shorts. Clothing is available for men and women, as well as boys and girls.

4. Nike

While most commonly known as a sportswear company, Nike is also popular among urban wear fans. The company dates back to 1964, founded by coach Bill Bowerman and businessman Phillip Knight. Nike is most popular for its many lines of sneakers. In addition to sneakers, Nike also makes T-shirts, athletic pants, socks and more. Nike products have been worn by many popular rappers.

5. Z-Brand

Z-Brand offers comfortable urban wear in a variety of styles. T-shirts are a popular Z-brand product, and polo shirts are also sold. Z-brand's jeans are very popular with young men and come in several shades. The cargo pants are also very popular and come in several colors. The company has a full team located in several areas of the U.S. that helps handle distribution. Z-Brand products are also sold in several other countries.