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Why Should I Consider Eating Ginger?

Ginger has a unique, spicy and interesting flavor which can make a great addition to many dishes from curries and soups right through to biscuits. Alongside this, it has long been known to have many great health benefits too, so incorporating it into your diet could have several positive health effects for you. If you suffer from any of the health ailments mentioned then it could also be especially beneficial to try adding it to your diet more. It may only be a small spice and a somewhat common ingredient, but it is worth not overlooking this tasty spice for its properties and benefits. I will now address five common health advantages to consuming more ginger in your diet today.

 LungsCredit: clarita1. Ginger is an Anti-Inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory means that something possesses properties which can help to prevent soreness, irritation and swelling as well as pain. It can achieve this because like medical anti-inflammatory pain killers such as ibuprofen, ginger helps to block the effects of specific enzymes which are the cause of the inflammation. Paracetamol on the other hand is not an anti-inflammatory drug. If you suffer with arthritis or joint pain then every little could help and ginger could become a new gadget in your tool box against fighting pain from inflammation. In addition, if you are an asthma sufferer then you know all too well about having painfully inflamed airways and lungs. Ginger will help you to counteract this so it is worth including it as part of a healthy and balanced diet and in combination with your usual medications.

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2. An Aid for Nausea

If you are pregnant or suffer with motion sickness or if you regularly get nausea from other health related issues, then ginger could help you out. It is a great aid for digestive issues because it helps to stimulate the emptying of the stomach. In addition, it is what is known as an antispasmodic agent which means it helps to stop your intestinal tract from involuntarily contracting. This can be of great comfort if you suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS as it is abbreviated to, because in this condition the cramping and abdominal pain is often relived by the emptying of the bowels, which ginger is helping to speed up. The bloating and swelling of your stomach which IBS can also contribute to is again relived from the spice which possess anti-inflammatory properties discussed earlier.

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3. Assisting with Weight Loss

Ginger is a great aid for helping to speed up and encourage weight loss because it can affect our metabolism or 'metabolic rate' through increasing it. This means the speed at which our bodies are able to break down and use the energy from our foods is positively increased. In addition, it acts as an appetite stimulant which helps us to digest our food more quickly. Therefore, if you have a low metabolic rate or suffer from hypothyroidism (thyroid disease with an under active thyroid) for example, then it could boost your fat burning capabilities. As well as this, sufferers of hypothyroidism are unable to take any diet supplements because these can interfere with their metabolism. Therefore, naturally occurring ingredients such as ginger are a great, safer alternative.

Fat digestion and absorption is something we would all like to speed up so this spice is a fantastic little secret to helping you to shed that stubborn extra few pounds of weight off.

MedicineCredit: mzacha4. Preventing Certain Cancers

Studies have shown that when it comes to colon and ovarian cancers in particular that ginger can help kill off these cancer cells and actually encourages the cancer cells to attack themselves. The anti-inflammatory properties of the spice which were mentioned earlier also help to stop those cancer cells multiplying. In addition, the qualities of it that help with weight loss and speeding up our metabolism mentioned in point three, also help move food along our digestive tract faster which helps maintain a healthier colon.

Of course, it may seem that ginger could only make a small difference, but with so many risk factors for cancer around today, surely every little helps and this spice is definitely on our side in the fight against cancer. Simply trying ginger tea, ginger ale or by adding it to soups or curry dishes, you will be able to try out the flavor first to see if you enjoy it. In the long term, if you regularly consume ginger then you could arguably be helping your body to protect itself more against certain cancers.

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5. Protecting Against Alzheimer’s disease

Ginger can actually slow down the loss of brain cells which is very helpful because this is a major contributing factor to developing Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, keeping as many brain cells intact as is possible will only act to help prevent or delay the onset of such a condition. If you regularly consume the spice as a supplement or enjoy ginger tea in your diet, you could therefore increase your overall alertness and attention span in the long term. Also, your attention to detail skills and your ability to concentrate on tasks could arguably be better maintained through increased ginger consumption in your diet.

Taking ginger supplements, adding it to tea or other hot beverages or even baking it into biscuits and in using it in general cooking can bring not only a rich, spicy flavor to your foods but many added health benefits too. You can store it in an air tight container in the fridge for up to approximately a month or in a freezer for even longer. So why not try more ginger today and feel the many positive health benefits.

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Below is a video from Dr Akilah El from her You Tube channel ‘Healing Power Hour’ where she discusses the many health benefits of ginger in detail with images and commentary.