Writer's BlockThere are many folks who write online to make money, whether it's blogging, freelancing, or writing articles. So it is important to write as much as possible if cash is the goal. But sometimes the words just don't come!  Sometimes it feels that the more you try to think of something to write, the more frustrating and contrived it becomes.  If you have scheduled time to write but just can't get into the flow, try these tips.

Backlink Your Existing Work

Why is it important to backlink?

Some people just write and hope that the web finds them.  There is more to it than that!  One way to drive traffic to your articles or blog is to backlink them.  If you want to read more detail on backlinking, this article will help you get started.   If you are already linking your writing, no matter what you have done to backlink your existing articles or posts, you can always do more. Keep a list, spreadsheet, or internet bookmark folder of your favorite backlinking sites and review them. Even if you have writer's block, it is easier to write about an existing piece than struggling to come up with a new idea or words.

Add Images to Your Existing Work

Images are a great way to jazz up any article or blog post!

I'm the type of writer who tends to 'binge write.  When I do, I submit my articles or posts with no thought or concern of adding images.  However, when I have writer's block, one thing I like to do is go back and add images to those articles. It spruces them up and for me it's a great use of my time when I can’t think of anything to write.


Keyword Research

A MUST if you want to succeed at writing online!

This should be done by all internet writers anyway, but it is worth mentioning if the words aren’t coming to you.  The best thing about doing keyword research is that it can kill two birds with one stone...it lets you add to your existing keyword database (or however you organize your keywords) and it provides inspiration that may set a spark to get you back writing!

Read Your Favorite Forums and Answer Questions

Give your fellow writers a hand!

Another great use of your time. Writers are constantly learning and researching. New writers are signing up every day with no clue as to how to begin. Questions about Adsense, Analytics, revenue sharing, backlinking, affiliate marketing...it can be overwhelming! We all had to start somewhere, so why not pay it forward and answer questions in forums?  And while we’re at it, why not start right here at home at Info Barrel’s forums?  It is a great community and whether you are giving or receiving, you will learn something.  And besides, good Karma does wonders for writer's block!

Take a Shower!

How many times have you heard people say that they got their next million dollar idea while taking a shower? Well, there must be something to it then! Go enjoy a nice long shower, relax, and let your mind wander. Who knows? You might come up with the next Great American Novel!


Let’s face it…no matter how great of a writer a person is, everyone struggles to get the words on paper from time to time.  Instead of getting discouraged, make good use of your time by doing something productive.