Somewhere between the ages of 30 and 50, many people can develop depression, anxiety and extreme mood swings that are commonly referred to as a midlife crisis. A midlife crisis can appear in many forms, sometimes harmless and other times not. A quiet accountant may have gone out and purchased a motorcycle after his 40th birthday or your best friend may not want to get out of bed when her 50th birthday is approaching. However a midlife crisis affects you, there are ways to deal with it productively. You can turn to websites like The Zone Diet and for some unconventional, but very effective methods.

1. Change Your Diet

Many times your diet can affect your mood as well as your health. You can make some changes in how you eat and what you eat, and notice a drastic change in your energy levels as well as your overall mood. There are several diet plans that can be customized to fit your needs and help you gain energy, stamina, lose weight or increase your libido.

2. Get Some Exercise

A midlife crisis can create a feeling of low self esteem due to the lack of energy you feel as you get older. Exercise may seem like something you don't have energy to do, but once you get your workout regimen in place, you will notice an increase in your energy levels right away. Exercise is great for the body and the soul; not only does it get you in shape and keep you healthy, it can also increase the gratification you feel throughout the day and put you in a better overall mood. Always talk to your doctor before you start any new workout plan to ensure that you are capable of handling the exercise.

3. Make New Friends

If you are surrounded by the same people day in and day out, it can feel as though you entered a rut. Get out there and make new friends. It is good for you to be surrounded by a diverse group of people and learn new things. It may seem difficult at first to make new friends, but once you start an exercise routine, you can always meet people at the gym you join or even just start up a conversation with a coworker you have been overlooking.

4. Start a New Hobby

Before you race out to the dealership to purchase that motorcycle, try a new hobby first. Remote control airplanes or ceramics can be enjoyable to keep you busy, or you might join a book club or take a cooking class.

5. Make a Career Change

If you feel like you are stuck in a dead end job, make a change. Don't walk away from your pension and retirement on a whim; make sure that you are making a move for the better before telling your boss you are leaving. Check out your options online; it doesn't hurt to submit a few resumes to interesting prospects.