1.) Bottle of Water

Before you go spending hundreds of dollars on maternity products, make sure you pick up one product that is very cheap, can even be free—a bottle of water. You can buy a case of waters from the grocery store, or you can purchase a nice refillable, even BPA-free, bottle. Either way, the one thing a mommy-to-be shouldn't leave the house with is a bottle of water. It is important that you stay hydrated for the health of you and your baby. Besides, water is going to only add to that beautiful pregnancy glow!

2.) A Sleeping Pillow

Now that you are well hydrated, you must think about a good night's sleep! I know, a good night's sleep is hard to come by once the belly bulge takes over, but a good sleeping pillow might be just what you need to get some comfort at nighttime. You may need a long, body-size pillow or a couple small bed-size pillows. Test out different pillows until you find the right one. Once you find it, you won't want to stop cuddling.

3.) Bella Band

Now that you are hydrated and rested, let's talk about getting your clothes to fit well. The Bella Band, a band of tight material worn around your underbelly is a product that you can use throughout your pregnancy. By just placing the band over your unbuttoned pants, you can wear your pre-pregnancy pants for an extra month or so. You will also be able to use the band to hold up maternity pants that are still slightly big, and to hide unwanted bulges. After you have the baby, the Bella Band can be worn to help you tighten and hide some of that unwanted belly leftover.

4.) The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Besides the Bella Band, you should also invest in at least one good pair of jeans. This might mean spending a little more on designer maternity clothes which are made to extenuate the right areas and hide the unwanted areas. Throughout your pregnancy, these will become your best friend as they will be your go-to pair when nothing else seems to look good or feel comfortable.

5.) A New Handbag

Let's be honest, no matter how great those designer jeans fit, you will still have those days when you just don't feel pretty. This is when a new handbag is the perfect accessory. Nobody will notice your not so pretty feeling because they will be busy complimenting your cool new purse. A new shiny necklace might also do the trick. Besides, these products won't need to be put in the Goodwill pile after the baby is born with all your other maternity clothes.