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Everyone wants their home to look welcoming and inviting. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to achieve this, what with having busy professional lives or a hectic family life for example. There are countless small ways in which you can brighten up your home, and there can be relatively inexpensive options too.

Adjusting your home decors with the seasons, holidays, or for special family events, can lift everyone’s spirits. In addition, it will also act to make your house feel more like a warm and welcoming home which is full of life.

The following five tips are quick and easy to implement, and you could even make these changes today. Start small with just one or a few of the suggested ideas and build up gradually. Stand back to assess each room and the changes you are making to make sure that you are happy with them.

Perhaps get a friend or family member's opinion and advice, as an extra pair of eyes could help you to see more options and creative solutions that are available to you. So let us now look at these five simple and exciting ways to reinvent your living spaces today!

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1. Flowers And Plants

It is an instant winning formula to add beautiful flowers or plants to a room in your home. Not only will they bring bright colors, life and warmth, they will leave a scent too and can freshen up a room. Make flowers a center piece, or a way to add dimension to a shelf around photographs in frames, or even next to a fireplace or on a windowsill. You can literally style a specific room in your home around a great flower display or arrangement.

It can be expensive certainly, to keep purchasing flowers on a regular basis. However, you could grow them yourself at home for next to nothing cost-wise. Alternatively, try finding flowers at local markets, green grocers or supermarkets. Often the supermarkets will mark down flowers or plants that are nearing their ‘display until’ dates, meaning you could find a nice little bargain if you time your visit correctly.

Shop around and remember that garden centers will be doing the same in terms of lowering their prices for plants that are looking slightly older. Buying seeds and growing plants yourself can be very rewarding, and if you have not done this before then do not worry as it is easier than it looks. Ask in your local garden center for advice regarding a specific plant or flower if you are uncertain.

As another alternative, you could consider purchasing fake or ‘faux’ flowers. These days, many of them are made to look extremely realistic, and of course they have the great advantage of lasting forever. If you change them around enough in your home then maybe people will not even notice!

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2. Mirrors

It certainly helps to have a mirror when you are cleaning your teeth, but have you ever been to a restaurant or shop where mirrors have been placed on the ceilings or walls? This gives the illusion of extra space. This technique of placing multiple mirrors around a room to achieve this effect can be very successfully applied to the home environment.

Mirrors in hallways, up the stairs, even wardrobe mirrored doors or mirrors on the back of doors will all help to maximize your space. This can be especially helpful if you have a small space to work with to begin with. You will be able to add more light, brightness and contrast to your rooms through strategically placing more mirrors around a specific room.

The light will reflect off the walls, creating beautiful shapes and sometimes rainbows when the light hits at a certain angle. The great thing is that mirrors are relatively inexpensive to purchase. You could even buy some at markets or even at what are also called ‘car boot’ sales in the United Kingdom. This is where sellers turn up with their goods to sell literally in their car boot, and they use the vehicle as their stall next to the items they are selling. Shop around online for great used mirrors and antique mirrors too. You never know what mirrored gems you could find online.

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3. Natural Light

Certainly, the mirrors mentioned in tip two will add more natural light to your spaces. However, have you ever thought of taking down blinds or heavy curtains in the spring and summer months to let more natural light into your home? This can be a great way to brighten up your spaces, and more specifically living rooms or bedrooms can benefit greatly from doing this.

Alternatively, if you have a room which uses very heavy curtains, then you could consider purchasing linen or cloth sheeting or even blinds to let more light into the room. Not only will this make the room look brighter and more inviting and welcoming, it will also mean that it is easier for you to read and write or do other tasks with improved visibility.

In addition to this, natural light will act to boost your mood and spirits more. So it can only do some good to let more natural light into your home today! Of course it will be the spring and summer months where you will really see the difference with taking blinds or heavier curtains down, depending on whereabouts in the world you live.

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4. Accessories

Now this point is the most interesting and exciting of them all in some ways. This is because accessories are the smallest, quickest and fastest way to completely makeover and change the look and feel of a room.

From changing up your cushions in the different seasons, to alternating bright throws with textured ones, you can really make a room pop. Candles can add a romantic touch, whilst photos or plants can add a warm and homely atmosphere. There really is no limit to how you can use accessories in your home, and this is truly where your creativity can shine through.

Refer to home magazines, online articles or television shows on home decor, and before too long you will pick up inspiration and ideas to turn into a reality in your home too.

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5. Furniture Positioning

Lastly, remember that your rooms need to have focus or 'center of attention' for the eye. This could be a large ornament placed on a table, a vase of beautiful flowers or even a tree in the corner of the room or a lamp. Be careful not to place wooden furniture too near any direct sunlight, because this could warp and discolor the wood. Make sure chairs have enough leg room in front of them, and ensure that they are not too close to walls as this could cause damage to wallpaper.

You may have heard of the practice of ‘Feng Shui’, but if you have not then this is the combination of the Chinese words feng which means wind and shui which is water. Wind and water are of course two natural elements which flow and sustain life on the planet. Feng Shui consists of trying to arrange or align your environment so that your energy channels or ‘chi’ can flow more smoothly.

Feng Shui is a great practice that is well worth delving into more for interior decorating ideas and home decor inspiration. But ultimately, it could help you to make more effective use of the spaces that you have available in your home.

I hope that these five little tips can give you some ideas and inspiration for brightening up your home in a quick and easy manner.

Below is a short video from YouTube channel 'Subscribe to Style’ where they offer lots of different home decorating images for inspiration.