As Catherine the great once said "I praise loudly, I blame softly", praise truly Is a great way of building rapport with the people around you. Anytime someone takes the time and effort to do something nice for us, we should be appreciative, and not let it go unnoticed. The world does not owe us anything, therefore anytime anyone is kind of enough to help you out, you should acknowledge it.

We can show our gratitude in any many ways. Showing how much you care does not need to be something extravagant, a simple acknowledgment is all that is needed to make someone feel valued. The key is to be sincere and genuine, and this should be easy if you really acknowledge the fact that what someone does for you was not required of them.

5 quick Tips for Effective Praise

1. Don't overdo your praise: You need to be aware and selective with your praise. If you praise everyone and everything for no good reason it holds no weight. Make sure that it's something worth being praised for.

2. Be Sincere with your praise: This is obvious, but if you are not sincere it is easily seen and can damage your relationship with the person. Don't be afraid to be human, speak truthfully on your feelings and thoughts. Learn to think less and feel more, let your sincerity show in your tone of voice, body language, and eyes.

3. Be specific: If you are not specific with your praise, they may feel that you really did not care. Don't simply state the act of what someone has done, let them know the reasons why it made a difference in your life. This let's the person know you really acknowledged what they have done for you.

4. Publicize Praise: If you have a company or organization, and one of your workers goes above and beyond their responsibilities, let everyone know that such things do not go unnoticed, and that someones valuable contributions really do make a difference. This can really increase your organizations efficiency and make it a more pleasant working environment.

5. Ask for a person's valuable advice: If you know someone who is an expert on a particular topic, ask for their advice. When you genuinely ask for someone's help most people will be happy to share their expertise. When someone is truly knowledgeable, they are happy to share what they know with others who are truly interested. Apply what you learn from them, then give them feedback on your results, and then you can thank them once again for helping.

Well there you have it, five quick tips for effectively praising someone if your life. Keep these simple tips in mind, and don't hesitate to praise someone in your life. This world would is full of amazing and helpful people, let them know their actions do not go unnoticed, plus it gives you good karma.