How to look hot to a man.

And what not to do.

Are you frustrated about lack of dates? Do you feel invisible to men? Here are some straight up reasons men may not be finding you attractive and what to do about it.

  1. Stop Wearing Uggs.
Not. Attractive.Credit: 

It's freezing outside, and you are wearing leggings and Uggs- this is weird. They are no longer unique, fashionable, or attractive. Please, if they are comfortable, wear them but know you are being judged. Try wearing some classic warm boots with no heel, or opt for the comfortable effortless hiking boot.

2. Stop Wearing Bright, Horrible, Fake Fingernail Things.

This scares the Sh** out of me.Credit:

I don't know why women like to stick things on their fingernails. I am afraid to let them touch me. It also tells me they have way too much time on their hands (no pun intended). I immediately think high maintenance on top of scary/weird. I will not approach a woman with fingernails like this. Try going au naturale with well trimmed (that does not mean really long) nails or, if you must put something on them, try a neutral or clear coat.

3. Stop Being Uptight.

Stay away from Bit****.Credit:

Men are not your servants. You can do things on your own, dependence is not attractive to men. Be laid back and independent. Men like to be around women who are easy to talk to. Being worried about offending the woman I'm talking to all the time is not attractive and will drive men away. Try cussing and making fart jokes to take the edge off and let us know you are one of the guys.

4. Don't Wear Heels You Can't Handle.

Just stop before you hurt yourself!

I feel so bad for the things women put themselves through to attract men, especially when it has results like this. If you are walking in heels and it looks like this video, you can guarantee if there are any men around, they will be laughing. It doesn't matter how much it lifts the buttocks or how hot you are, wearing heels in this manner will make men laugh at you. Try choosing small or no heels at all, you would be surprised how many men aren't attracted to heels anyways.

5. Bright Colored Lipstick. Avoid.

I don't know what will happen if I put my mouth on that.Credit:

I know that many advertisements and women's magazines show women looking flawless in bright red lipstick. I real life, this is not the case. It smears, gets on your teeth, and makes men not want to come near your lips. What's going to happen if I kiss you in public with this lipstick on? I do not know and I do not want to find out. Also, you might look like a whore. Try just wearing lip balm, lip gloss, or a natural colored lip stain.

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