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Anybody can start writing articles online right now. Seriously, stop reading and start writing now… Writing articles is one of the easiest residual income streams to start up because it doesn’t require a great deal of planning to get started. Once you sign up with an article writing site like InfoBarrel you can start writing immediately. If you still a reason why you should start  writing articles for money now here are 5 reasons why you should write for InfoBarrel or other online article writing sites.

Residual Income

Perhaps the biggest draw of online article writing is the potential for passive income. The time you spend writing an article to post on Infobarrel is a one-time investment. The great thing about writing for InfoBarrel is that once an article is published you it may continue to earn you money without you ever having to touch it again. Although a little maintenance is always a good thing, it isn’t always necessary.

Earning Potential Is Up to You

How much residual income you earn writing articles depends on how much work you put in. You can choose to write multiple articles a day or only occasional, both choices will impact your earnings. You can also choose to do keyword research or to skip the keyword research. This too will impact your revenue. Backlinking is also another option you can choose to incorporate into your earning strategy.

Nothing Down

Signing to write for InfoBarrel or other online article writing site is free and there are no costs associated with writing articles online. Once you sign up and login you are free to start building a portfolio of articles that will possibly become profitable. Because there is no initial cash investment any money that you earn as a result of your online writing efforts is purely profit.

Start Immediately

Once you make the deciscion to start writing articles for money you can do just that. Signingh up for an article writing site is quick and easy. Once you've recieved a confirmation email from the crowd-sourcing site of your choice you can start writing about whatever you'd like to write about. Immediately upon pushing the submit button you have a potential income stream sitting in your "portfolio". These steps can take place in as little as 5 minutes.

Set Your Own Schedule

One of the things that make article writing so appealing is that you can do it according to your own schedule. Finding the time to write articles is more challenging for some people, such as single parents and stay at home parents as well as people with multiple jobs, or jobs in which they work long hours. Many InfoBarrel members with some of these same obstacles have been successful in their online article writing endeavors because article writing is something that they have found time to do in their spare time.


Online article writing is a great passive income stream for people who love to write. Its a great option for people seeking to build a residual income stream. Hopefully these 5 reasons to write for Infobarrel and other online article writing sites are enough to convince you to get started today.