Baking Bread

Baking Bread at home is a great way to save money and time while feeding your family the highest-quality food. There are many reasons why bread remains one of the staples of people’s diets. Read more to discover the reasons to start making bread from your home today!

Save money. There is no doubt that making bread from scratch is cheaper than store-bought bread or bakery bread. Each loaf comes out to about 50 cents if you buy the ingredients and prepare the bread at home. Consider the savings over the entire year! Other ways to save even more money on each loaf is to buy flour, yeast, salt, sugar, etc. in bulk from discount stores. This has two advantages, the first being the price savings. The second is that you have, say, a year’s worth of ingredients in your house ready to go anytime you need it, thus freeing you from the trouble of running to the store because you ran out of flour in the middle of making your bread.

Save time. One of the reasons that people might not be willing to try making their own bread is because they are busy and they think they don’t have time to make bread from scratch. However, making bread does not require much effort at all-most of the time involved is rising time which means that you can leave the house or do other chores while your bread is rising. Investing in a bread machine will even cut down on the effort of hand kneading and totally automate the whole process. Most bread machines have timers so that you can put in all the ingredients at night, for example, set the timer, and then wake up in the morning to fresh-baked bread! When you consider the time spent driving to the supermarket to pick up fresh bread daily, it is much more time-consuming than the 15 minutes it takes to combine all the ingredients in a bread machine, mixer, or by hand.   

Homemade bread is great-tasting. There is nothing quite like the taste and smell of baking bread in your home. Bread is the best when it’s eaten fresh and if you make it in your own home you will always have access to it!

Homemade bread is healthier. Because you control what you put in each loaf, you are likely to notice increased health benefits of making your own bread. Experimenting with whole wheat, multi-grain and milk or egg loaves are great ways to boost the nutrition of a simple loaf of bread. Not to mention the preservatives that you won’t be missing!

Reduce your reliance on store bought goods and become more independent. Making bread in your own home is likely to make you feel better about yourself and more in control of what your family is eating. It is a great way to teach children about healthy food preparation and science at the same time.

Have Fun! It is really fun and creative to make your own bread and it makes a great gift or potluck item. People will be really impressed that you put so much time and effort into making your own bread. It’s our secret just how easy it really is!