I have a fairly typical life story for an MBA student.  I grew up running the local lemonade stand and mowed my neighbor's lawns.  I then went off to college and did something completely unrelated (architecture in my case), and then wound up in a career that I ultimately did not like.   Throughout my career in architecture, I ran side businesses and loved making extra money on my own terms.  I quickly realised that pursuing an MBA would be a great option for my business-minded self.  Here, then are the  reasons why I chose to pursue a Masters in Business Administration.

5.  I was not satisfied with my job

Ever since 6th grade I thought I wanted to be an architect.  I went to four years of undergraduate school in architecture and spent a number of years working in the profession.  As with any job, it had its ups and downs, but I really just could not visualize myself as an architect for another 40 years.

By the time I was at the end of my college career, I realized that I did not want to be an architect, but it was too late for me to change anything.   I took a job in architecture because I could, but it was soon time for me to move on to something new. 

Can you visualize yourself in your job for the rest of your life?  

4.  I needed something more social  

As an architectural "intern," I essentially sat in front of a computer all day drawing lines and making models.  Sure, sometimes it is fun, but more often than not it is tedious and boring.

After a few years in architecture, I realized that the most exciting parts of my day included meetings and coordinating over the phone or via email with consultants and clients.  Sitting down in front of the computer was just not social enough for me.

Do you desire a more social profession?  

3.  I love running organizations

As a 6 year old, I tried to sell anything imaginable to my neighbors and I even went door to door soliciting help doing yardwork.  I then graduated onto mowing lawns as a teenager and ran a number of student organizations in high school.  Again, in college, I helped run a number of large student organizations on a regional and international scale.  Now, I operate a photography business part-time and am a landlord.

I have a clear history of running organizations throughout my entire life.  Every aspect of this "entrepreneurial spirit" is (a) social, (b) creative, and (c) detail oriented.  Of course, this is something that I want in a future career and is fitting for an MBA program.

Do you love running organizations or businesses?  

2.  Increase in pay

Naturally, anyone would welcome a good pay increase.  I currently make a decent wage, but contrary to popular opinion, there is a low ceiling for jobs in architecture (we can't all be like Frank Lloyd Wright, you know).  I cannot justify working the long hours, being away from my family, and working in a job that I'm not passionate enough about with its current wages.

While studying for the GMAT, I read in this study guide from the Princeton Review that the average starting salary for an MBA graduate was over $90,000!  Geez... sounds good to me!

Do you want in increase your income making potential?  

1.  Ability to "be my own boss"

I've always been good with taking orders, but never really enjoyed it.  I love the thought of having freedom to do what I want when I want.

An MBA will equip you with the tools you need to run a business and run it well.  With the poor economy that we are in right now, a lot of people are attempting to go out on their own, but they can't tell left from right when it comes to business.  Obtaining an MBA degree will set you apart from the competition because you know how to run an organization.

Do you want to be your own boss?  


So where do you fit in?  What is your story, and is an MBA right for you?