Make It Work By Identifying Your Mistakes

As we usher in the new year, it is also time to make new year resolutions. If you are among those who have not found much success with your previous new year resolutions, then here are some reasons why it didn't work. 

No Reminder

Setting a reminder helps you to remember the goal that you have set to achieve. It is a common mistake for many to write their list of new year's resolutions and then keep the list away. When the list is kept away, chances are, we will be more likely to forget about it. If a goal is important for you to achieve this year, then write it down and place that note of reminder in places you can easily see it. In the law of attraction theory, it stated that we get more of what we focus on, which is the reason why having a reminder of your goal that you can see everyday will help you focus on it more.

Not Knowing Your Why

If it is good to have ambitious goals but when we don't know the reason why we are achieving it, it is most likely that we will easily give up along the way especially when times gets challenging. Anyone will move away from discomfort such as fear, hard work and obstacles. But when you know very clearly why you are going after a certain goal, you will be more likely to stay on course during tough times because you know that the tough times is only a phase of your journey to getting where you want to go.

Lack of Gratitude

When we set big goals, we will need to go through stages to achieve it such as little victories and steps that bring us closer to the big end goal. If you are among many who have found that your happiness only lasted a while on each of your little wins, then try to practice expressing gratitude. Gratitude helps us to appreciate and see more value in our little wins, which is a way of seeing our situation from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. So, instead of thinking how far more we are from the final goal, gratitude helps us to see how much better we are in the current moment as compared to where we were before.

No Planning

Writing down what we want in a list is not enough. In reality, we need to take action to make things happen and this includes our goals we have set. Writing and keeping your resolution list in your drawer is like thinking that miracle will happen inside your drawer. A year's goal may seem very big but we can break it down to chunks of smaller goals, which are much more easier to tackle. For this time around, try looking at each of your main goal and list down all the smaller tasks to help you reach it.

Setting The Wrong Goal

Setting the wrong goals do happen at times. Maybe we found out that along the way, what we've set out is really not what we want. Sometimes, we can set goals that is not really what we want but what our parents want, to catch up with the Joneses, or some superficial goals that we really don't need. It is not wrong if those are no longer in our interest as we grow and realized it along the year. Nobody knows or can predict how our lives will change its course and we really can't predict or prevent ourselves from making such goals but only to drop it as we no longer feel the need for it.

If you are making your new year resolution this year, try applying the techniques above such as identifying your true motivation of your goals, creating reminders to help yourself remember it, creating a plan and put in the practice of expressing gratitude as you move along the year. Before I end this, here's wishing you Happy New Year!