Spain may very well be one of the most popular destinations for holiday travelers and business visitors in Europe because of its beautiful landscapes, historical cities, quaint towns, and easy-going people. However, in order to truly enjoy the rich cultural heritage and vibrant cities and towns of this ancient country, it is highly advisable to travel by car.

When you hire a car in Spain, it gives you many more options than relying on public transportation.

Here, then, are five good reasons why you should hire a car when visiting Spain:

1. The network of roads connecting the various parts of Spain is in excellent condition. Spanish roads are not only well maintained, but they are also well-connected to major cities, towns, and beaches. What's more, the roads are not congested because excellent air and rail transportation are often used by the bulk of the population. Parking is easy to find in the cities, the rules of the road are easy to follow, and you can go where you like when you want without having to wait for transportation.

2. It is not at all difficult to find a car rental company. There are numerous car rental companies whose policies and quality of service are familiar to American and European travelers. These and other international and local rental companies have built up an excellent reputation for reliable services and affordable pricing. In addition, some companies will allow you to choose from a broad selection of vehicles, allowing you the option to drive the car of your choice. It is possible to shop for a good rental car online or you can also easily pick up a car at the airport or from a hotel.

3. With your own car, you can plan your own excursions instead of feeling corralled by the available package tours. This means that you can customize your own holiday experiences. You will be able to visit the most popular towns, resorts, historical sites, and picturesque landscapes. A car will allow you to enjoy the fabulous weather, visit the beautiful beaches, and give you access to the parts of Spain that may not be covered in standard travel excursions or public transportation.

4. One of the most fascinating experiences for travelers is the exquisite cuisine. With your own car, you will be able to travel to the best restaurants in any town you visit. Your holiday can turn into an exquisite gourmet extravaganza as you sample the various cuisines in different regions of Spain.

5. Finally, car rental is affordable, and, in fact, often available at bargain rates. In the towns, the average car rental price is only €10 a day. while in the cities, it averages about €20 a day. In addition, special pricing and discounts are also possible. This savings on transportation costs will allow you to spend more money on other aspects of your holiday or business trip from fine dining to entertainment and from shopping to staying at the best hotels.