Berlin, Germany is loaded with history. As much fun as Germany is to American visitors, no visit to Germany can be complete without spending some time in Berlin. Here are some of the top reasons to visit Berlin.

1. The Berlin Wall

Berlin is most famous to Americans who are familiar with the Berlin Wall. As fascinating and tragic as this period of history is, there is no better place to learn more about it and see actual remnants of the wall then to actually visit the heart of Berlin where the wall stood.

Berlin Wall ArtCredit: Flickr/AlicePopkorn

2. The People

Many Germans move from rural areas to Berlin when they come of age. Many people are also born in Berlin and will reside there for life. Berlin also attracts expatriates from all over the world who are attracted to the high quality of living that can be had here. If you want to meet and learn more about Germany then the most diverse crowd of Germans can be found in Berlin.

3. Nightlife

The nightlife in Berlin can be very tame or very wild depending on your preferences. You may choose to go for a quiet walk at night in a historic area or you can choose to visit one of the many bars or clubs that are in Berlin. If you like to party then Berlin can be a fun and wild place to visit. There are almost 300 clubs in Berlin and this does not count the many bars and dancehalls. As opposed to many clubs in the United States, the Berlin nightclubs are not required to close up so many of them are open 24 hours a day!

4. Germany Food

The food in Germany can vary among the different regions of Germany but if you look closely you can find all the variations at different restaurants and eateries in Berlin. You must eat some of the famous German style sausages when you visit Germany.

5. Museums

Berlin has about 185 museums. Regardless of your interests you will be able to find some amazing museums to visit when you are in the Capital of Germany. There are a lot of museums that will entertain and educate you regardless of your interests.

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