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It goes without saying that the foundation of your house depends on a strong basement. Waterproofing is therefore essential as it prevents water from penetrating to your basement, an action that can lead to structural damage or total collapse of the drywall. Below is a detailed look at some of the reasons your basement cannot go without waterproofing. 

5 Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

It Prevents Structural Damage… The seepage of water is a rampant problem in many basements more so if you live in moist areas or areas with moist soil. Failure to take appropriate measures may lead to structural damage which could cause damage to your entire property. The seepage is mostly noticeable in the corners where the wall comes into contact with the floor.

Normally, you may fail to notice the seepage because it is a slow process and the effects are only experienced much later. If unattended to, the seepage may bring about major damages such as bowed walls and cracked foundations. It is thus imperative that basement waterproofing be done early in advance to avert any possible structural damage.

It Prevents Infestations… If you reside in areas that are infested with black molds, it is a must that you waterproof your basement. Moist areas are an excellent breeding ground for waterborne contaminants such as black mold. Black molds are toxic and can even lead to death if not properly contained. Extensive infestations that cannot be handled by professions can even make you abandon your house.

Your House is More Susceptible to Natural Calamities… In case you reside in areas that are prone to natural calamities such as heavy rainfall or hurricane, basement waterproofing becomes paramount. Also, areas with regular occurrence of flooding dictate that you waterproof your basement.

Rainwater can easily penetrate through the crack on the wall of your house and cause seepage. In addition, when flood water collects around the foundation walls, it forms small pockets in the soil adjacent to the foundation resulting into hydrostatic pressure. As time passes by, the pressure mounts to a point where the water is pushed through the wall. 

Causing Damage to Property… Most of people have a habit storing a lot of stuff in the basement such as furniture and books as well as equipment. Others use their basements as workshops or wine cellars. With such valuable possessions, waterproofing your basement becomes essential.

The seepage may bring about significant damage if not addressed way in advance. Wooden furniture may rot when the wood becomes damp. Also, other expensive possessions may get damaged due to the dampness. If you are considering using your basement to store important belongings, you must waterproof it.

It May Bring About Sloping and Grading… It is important that you establish if the ground on which your house stands is sloping away from your foundation. The soil on the outside should meet the walls. In case this is not the case, there is a high possibility that the water may penetrate between the gaps.

Do all you can to ensure that the situation is corrected even if it means hiring a professional contractor to do it for you. While it may take a while to discover if your house is sloping, basement waterproofing is essential so that you can prevent seepage before it causes damage. 

A house is one of the most significant piece investments most people will ever make in their lives. It therefore makes perfect sense to ensure that it is built in the most appropriate manner as possible. The problem with seepage is that it is gradual and its effects are not instant. However, it can cause untold loss if it is discovered too late and that the reason you need to ensure your basement is built correctly right from the start.

Basement waterproofing may be an expensive exercise, but when you put into consideration the loss that can emanate from failure to waterproof your basement, it is worth the cost. Bearing in mind that waterproofing the basement should be taken seriously, it is advisable that you hire the services of a professional.

Ensure that the contractor is licensed and has an insurance cover as well. That way you can rest assured that your basement will be waterproofed to perfection. Be sure to include any basement waterproofing in your estimate of the cost to finish your basement.