Clogs are a fashionable style of shoe or sandal, often with a rigid wooden sole. They are traditional footwear most often associated with the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Lithuania. In the late 20th century, classic leather-upper Scandinavian clogs became popular footwear for women. The classic style clog slowly evolved into an open or sling back style. Later, in the early 21st century, the closed-back version became popular among both men and women. Skechers and Crocs offer a wide variety of clogs to suit your footwear needs. Here are five reasons why these shoes make great everyday footwear:

1. Support

Every human foot is a complex structure with 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments to keep healthy. Ill-fitting shoes can cause a variety of foot problems such as blisters, corns, callouses and neuromas. Properly fitting shoes can help to eliminate such foot problems. If you want happy and healthy feet, you need to wear comfortable and supportive shoes everyday. Clogs are sturdy footwear that offer tremendous foot support. Chefs, doctors, nurses and other workers whose jobs require long hours of standing find clogs to be the best choice for everyday shoes. Today, clogs have soles made of rubber or plastic, as well as the traditional wood.

2. Toasty Toes

Warm and insulated footwear is a toasty treat for your feet. The thick, sturdy soles that clogs have add to the extra warmth. Many fashionable clogs are lined with shearling, polar fleece or soft cotton. Soft and hearty socks are a great addition to your foot attire when wearing unlined clogs. They will insure 10 toasty warm toes along your journey.  

3. Safety

The firm, often reinforced toes of traditional clogs ensure safety extra. Safe and comfortable shoes should have strong soles and allow space to wiggle your toes. Clogs fulfill both requirements. They add to the everyday safety of navigating your busy schedule. Clogs are often worn as protective footwear by workers in factories, mines and farms. 

4. Clean and Tidy

Healthcare workers have the benefit of cleaning their all plastic clogs in the hospital autoclave or sterilizer. In a healthcare situation, rubber clogs also provide static-free footwear in surgery. Gardeners have the benefit of washing their waterproof clogs under running water for a quick clean-up.

5. Style

While we have discussed the practical reasons why clogs make great everyday shoes, we haven't touched upon their fashionable styles. Clogs are available for dress or casual wear. There are waterproof Crocs, leather heels, colorful tops and so much more. You will be amazed at the selection of clogs available.

Clogs make great everyday shoes for several reasons. They provide great support for all feet who wear them. Clogs are warm and cozy footwear when coupled with a hearty pair of socks. The sturdy, reinforced style of clogs provides great safety footwear. Clogs are low maintenance to keep them looking new after much wear. Most styles are easily cleaned with the wipe of a cloth. Lastly, the style of clogs can be adapted to any style of fashion, casual to evening.