Something that we see all the time in the news nowadays is the influence of social media sites. There are many times I hear that Facebook and Twitter and other various outlets are evil because they remove the face-to-face element of being social, while other times I hear about how people have gotten in touch with old high school classmates and what the celebrity sensations are saying.

I'm not saying either side is right or wrong. I for one happen to enjoy Facebook (I don't have a Twitter) and the benefits it gives me. Here are my three reasons why Facebook is good for me:

1. It's Quick and Easy

I don't know about anyone else, but Facebook is a very simple way for me to communicate with my friends. Whether I need to ask them about a homework assignment, confirm a date, or simply want to get in touch, Facebook provides a simple-to-navigate website for me to find and talk to them. I especially use this method if I don't have that person's phone number.

2. Reconnecting

It was so cool when I started searching outside of my current school and found the old friends that I used to pal around with when I was in elementary that I left behind when I moved. We've had some fun conversations and it's nice to see how much they changed and what things are like since I've been gone. I'm sure this also feels good when a family member reconnects with one another. My dad has done that multiple times and is even in the process of scheduling a family reunion with this method too!

3. It's a Hub

Unlike using a telephone to call people, I can communicate with more than one person on Facebook, possibly using several different forms of communication, such as live chat or inbox messages. I can also create a group for my friends to join as a way to extend clubs in school to the home environment.


However, I will state that I understand some of the qualms that opponents have toward Facebook. It does allow for less in-person communication simply because of the ease and quickness of use Facebook provides. I also see all the time how people can call each other names and get into arguments over a Facebook message and then the next day either be completely silent to one another or keep fighting. And yes, it does present another place for people to go to shirk away from their responsibilities, but really, if Facebook were not here, people would find a different place to go or thing to do.

What are your thoughts? I always love to hear someone else's opinion on the subject.