Why I love Infobarrel.

I believe Infobarrel is a great place to write articles and earn some money at the same time, second only to having a personal website, but not really far from it. If you are going to test your writing skills or to earn a residual income online Infobarrel is the right place and I'm going to tell you the 5 reasons why I love Infobarrel. I'm writing on various websites since November 2009 so I have some experience.

5 Randomly Ordered Reasons Why I Love Infobarrel

  1. Good Pagerank of 4 (January 2011). Another website where I wrote in the past has a Pagerank of 6, my own website has a Pagerank of 3, so writing on Infobarrel is a good choice, especially because I'm sure its Pagerank will jump higher very soon.
  2. 75% Adsense share. Other articles' publishing websites are in a range from 50% to 60% and some even more but given the infrastructure provided to writers no one beats Infobarrel. Plus it has Amazon and Chitika instead of Ebay, much better in my opinion.
  3. Your first ten articles get checked and approved. This means that very low quality articles will be rejected and the overall quality of the website will always improve over time. After having submitted 10 quality articles there is no reason to begin spamming or lowering the quality of your articles. 10 good articles, given the good Adsense share at Infobarrel, should begin to give some little money so there is no reason to waste this. At Infobarrel articles range is from good to great.
  4. Pretty simple interface. Writing articles at Infobarrel is very simple and straightforward, you have even four ready templates to make things even easier. No capsules or other strange things, you can just focus on writing and Infobarrel template takes care of the rest.
  5. 2 Do follow links per article. Do follow links are simply gold for every writer or webmaster and Infobarrel gives you two on every article. Plus, given that you can keep the same link on every article, not like other places which allow you just two link for every single url, if you write 100 articles on Infobarrel you get 100 do follow links to your website. And you even earn money for this. Come on, this is simply great!

Last thing last, even if at the moment it is just a feeling, it seems to me that Infobarrel managers are respectful of writers and that their underlying vision is to provide the best possible place for writers to publish their articles and not just as a way to earn money or provide a boost to another business.

Now, I think you have no reason not to join Infobarrel, am I wrong?