If you have done any kind of research on the internet about online marketing, then you already know the popular cliché "content is king". 

Many entrepreneurs take this at face value and run off to generate mountains of content for their website. Their articles tend to cover everything remotely related to the keywords they are trying to rank for. 

The result is a website that resembles a collection of poorly written high school essays and without any particular goal, other than to get more traffic. 

As a busy entrepreneur, you have no time to spend on writing silly articles to rank for keywords. Your skills and expertise are best applied elsewhere.

Here are 5 reasons why we think that SEO is not the answer when it comes to marketing your small business online. 


1. Adwords Beats Generic SEO 99% of the Time

When analysing the relevance of traffic, Adwords will always come out on top

This popular Google ad service is very expensive, but it tends to bring to you HIGHLY targeted traffic. By comparison, great SEO campaign can bring you thousands of marginally targeted traffic of people who are usually not really looking to pay for anything you have to offer. 

Paying for visitors, either via AdWords or other popular PPC programs, will bring you high quality traffic. 

Instead of trying to chace and get "something for nothing" via SERPS, you should instead invest into high quality PPC traffic a certain amount of money per month. 

2. Don't Write articles, Write Sales Copy instead

Writing great sales copy will make all the difference

In order to be successful with PPC, you will need to have a professional website that is complete with everything a customer might want to check our about you before doing business. 

Great sales copy is an absolute must! Your message and what you do must be crystal clear so that a potential customer can instantly see the value in working with you. 

Splurge on a great copy writer with excellent references. It will be worth every dollar. 

Professionally written web copy will increase your conversion rate by orders of magnitude. In my professional experience, I found that this one detail has made all the difference. 

So, instead of letting your teenage nephew design and write a text for your website, hire a professional with an eye for marketing and a deep understanding of your craft. 

3. You MUST have a newsletter

If you don't, then you are throwing away precious dollars and clients

Since you are using PPC, you pay for every visitor you receive. In order to squeeze out the greatest possible benefit from your PPC campaign, you should immediately implement a Newsletter service. 

Having a newsletter will allow you to get the second chance at selling yourself to your prospect. 

Always offer an incentive to sign up for a newsletter, such as a "free report" or a "no charge consultation". This will increase the likelihood of your newsletter offer to be accepted. The result is that you will get the precious email addresses of highly targeted visitors that are actually interested in what you have to offer.

4. PPC advertising is predictable and stable

SEO strategies have a weakness, in that they are at the mercy of the search engines. If google decides to change the algorithm tomorrow that makes all your SEO efforts obsolete overnight, then you will see a huge decline in traffic. 

I can't justify spending vast sums of money on a strategy that WILL be obsolete in  as little as 6 months, so I would rather go for something that will produce predictable, consistent results no matter what. When google released their Panda upgrade, there were literally thousands of websites that went out of business virtually overnight. 

By comparison, there was no such negative effect on PPC users. 


5. You have full control over how much work you need

Not having enough work? no problem, simply amp up your keyword bidding and watch the prospects roll in. Provided that you already have a well converting sales copy. 

Having too much work? Not an issue, simply turn down the funding and things will quiet down.

Looking at expanding into a new area? Easy! just edit the geographic location of originating traffic and you have a new influx of fresh prospects from a new area. 

Another excellent strategy that works particularly well with is to coördinate your PPC with businesses that complement yours.  Suppose you are a lawyer seeking clients who have sustained injuries in a Motor Vehicle Accident. 

You can pool your PPC advertising with professionals that complement your work such as rehab clinic owners, mechanics, body shops, car rental place. Everyone purchases keywords for their own respective businesses that lead to a landing page with links to related services. A prospect will be more likely to bundle the services. In setups like these, there are usually monetary benefits as well in the shape of referral fees and "kickbacks" from your partners.