It is almost impossible to avoid celebrities. We see them on television pitching products or promoting their latest project. Or maybe you see one urging people donate to a charity. If you surf the Internet, a musician might be giving a sample of a new CD. You are also likely to see others on YouTube, or other sites. Many Americans are more likely to buy a gossip magazine than the local newspaper. Some people know more about the latest fashions than they do about their United States Senator. They are huge part of our culture and there is not much that can done about it. It is highly unlikely that we will meet our favorite celebrities. Why do we care about people that probably do not care about us? These people have problems just like everyone else. So, why are we fascinated with them? There is no definite answer for this fascination, but the following 5 reasons can give you some good ideas:

Celebrities Inspire Us

People often view them as someone that they would like to be. For example, a high school kid may want to play basketball at a great level like Lebron James. So, he or she may practice their skills for many hours in their spare time. Or, maybe a person sees Jessica Simpson doing a television commercial promoting a weight loss product. They may say to themselves, "If she can shed those pounds, then I can do it too." People especially like celebrities that come from modest backgrounds. This ties in perfectly with the "American Dream." In some cases, they motivate Americans more than their own families. Many times, people are unhappy with their own lives. When they see a celebrity, it gives them hope that things can get better.

Celebrities Are Entertaining

Celebrities provide a valuable service because they help us see the fun part of life. Sometimes, we all take things too seriously. We forget how to relax and enjoy ourselves. Going to a comedy club can do wonders and help reduce stress. Watching the latest Tyler Perry movie can remind us of the importance of family. This is one of the reasons why we are fascinated with celebrities. We are willing to spend good money in order for them to entertain us. A good movie starring our favorite actor or actress can remind us of how beautiful the world can be. A Novel can allows us to live vicariously through the characters. I would hate to think about how boring the earth would be without entertainment.

We Can Live Our Dreams Through Them

Maybe when you were a child you dreamed of being a professional singer or athlete. At some point, it became apparent that you did not have the talent to get there. However, your love of music never disappeared. We become fans of certain musicians, athletes, or other entertainers. Through them, we can imagine ourselves giving a sold-out concert at Yankee Stadium. Or, maybe someone grew up wanting to be like Henry Aaron. Their baseball skills may not have been good enough to play in the major leauges. But, every time he came up to home plate, this person could imagine themselves facing Sandy Koufax. Many sports fans are considered "arm chair quarterbacks" because they regularly analyze the performances of their favorite athletes. Football fans are routinely given this label, but this can apply to other sports as well. The average American can live their dream through these entertainers.

Celebrities Have Special Talents

People are also fascinated with celebrities because they have enormous talents that most others do not possess. The late Michael Jackson was admired worldwide for his tremendous entertainment ability. To this day, I can still visualize him "moonwalking across the stage. Former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali is still remembered for his remarkable speed. He was also not shy about boasting about being "the greatest of all time." Even if you were not a fan of the sport, you heard about Ali. Aretha Franklin is known worldwide for her soulful voice. She has a unique voice and is known as the "Queen of Soul." Celebrities will always be a part of American culture because we appreciate their unique talents.

Celebrities Live A Lifestyle We Can Only Imagine

Sometimes, we see celebrities living in a mansion, or walking on the Hollywood red carpet. They are taking lavish vacations or buying expensive clothes. People say to themselves, "I wish that I could live that lifestyle." They are often seen as living great without having any problems. Obviously this is not true, but that perception is there. Who would not want to live in a fancy home, or drive a nice vehicle? It is only human nature to want good things. Celebrities remind us that it is possible to have them.

Celebrities inspire us to improve our lives and gives us hope for a better future. They bring enjoyment into our world and remind people not to take life too seriously. We may not have enough talent to fulfill our dream of entertaining. However, we can do this by living vicariously through our favorite celebrity. We appreciate them because they have unique abilities that few people have. Their lifestyles reflect the way many Americans wish they could live. These are 5 reasons why people are fascinated with celebrities.

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