Since Pokemon was released, people all around the world have fallen in love with that little yellow rat.  Yet, for as popular as Pikachu is, there are several key issues that simply cannot be overlooked and have rightfully earned Pikachu the title of "Worst Character Ever".


  1. Rebellious nature - The very first time Ash meets Pikachu, Pikachu refuses to stay inside his pokeball.  Throughout the entirety of the Pokemon series until Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, no other Pokemon ever does this.  Later on, Pikachu also refuses to evolve even after being exposed to a Thunder Stone (not once, but twice!)  And if this was not enough, Pikachu has (on multiple occasions) electrocuted his own trainer when commanded to do something!  What an ungrateful little…
  2. Difficulty in finding - Ok, so everyone knows where to catch Pikachu.  He's always in the same forest, at the same level.  But you always have to battle 20+ times before you ever manage to find one.  And then you have to hope your Pokemon haven't leveled up high enough to kill him.  The whole process is just way too frustrating.
  3. Not unique - There is nothing truly special about Pikachu.  Yes, I realize the whole companion relationship thing with Ash is something no other Pokemon has.  But my point is there is no reason aside from "he's cute" that Pikachu was chosen.  Any other Pokemon could have been placed that and it still could have worked.  Why not go with Eevee?  Clearly a unique Pokemon.  No other Pokemon can be evolved from multiple stones.
  4. Everybody loves Pikachu - Pikachu is by far the most popular Pokemon out there.  You almost can't say the word Pokemon without someone thinking or saying Pikachu along with it.  I simply refuse to like something just because everyone else likes it.  That's like showering or watching Jersey Shore…it's just not me.
  5. Annoying taunt - All Pikachu ever says is "Pi", "Pika", "Pika pika", or "Pikachu"!  No one actually understands him!  Seriously, it was old after 10 minutes.  And if that wasn't bad enough, when opponents use Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. (any of the three games in the series) they now have control of those stupid taunts!  Quit camping and spamming!  It's annoying!


So there you have it.  My top 5 reasons why I hate that little yellow rat.  After reading this article, I have you the same desire I have to play Pokemon and get all the way to Veridian Forest and find a Pikachu just to kill it.