In August 2012, LinkedIn passed 175 million members which is nothing compared to the giant Facebook. But I want to argue that LinkedIn is more powerful when it comes to building your professional career or business. So here is 5 reasons why you absolutely have to be on LinkedIn, even if it’s not the biggest social network on the Internet.

1. LinkedIn is all about business - Unlike Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is all about building your career or business. There is almost a different mood or mindset people get when they log into LinkedIn. There is no other big social networking site like it, where members focus primarily on business and professional networking. 

2. Members with higher household income - LinkedIn has one of the highest average household incomes compared with other networking sites. With it’s impressive $109,000 per year, LinkedIn has higher average household income than Twitter and Facebook even with fewer members. This means that the people on LinkedIn have money and can potentially spend it on your products, services or business.

3. Decision makers - 45% of the users on LinkedIn are real business decision makers, which means that one of two people you connect with can take action. Remember these decision makers have a high income too and therefore more likely to buy your service or product, invest in your business or offer you a new job.

4. Credibility - If you are familiar with the recommendation feature on LinkedIn, you know that is a great way to build credibility. What the recommendation feature does is that you can basically give a review and recommend someone you’ve previously worked with. People are more likely to hire or buy from you if someone has written a few nice sentences about you, aside from yourself.

5. New possibilities - With 175 million members and people in all different industries and niches, LinkedIn opens up a whole new world of networking possibilities you normally wouldn't have. Business is all about relationships, and relationships is the number one thing LinkedIn focuses on. You’re missing out big time if you are not on LinkedIn and connecting with both new people and people you already know.


Are you a LinkedIn member today? What would you say that the number one reason is you're using LinkedIn? I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave your comments in the box below.