Shopping with mom
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When we go shopping, many factors have an influence on our decisions (the time we have available, if there are sales or not, how much you will have to queue to pay for something you like…), but one of the most important ones is if someone else gives you advice on what suits you or what you will never wear. Very often, and I’m speaking specially for women, we go with our partners in the hope that they will give us the best advice (after all, it’s in their own interest). But the problem is, they get bored easily, they don’t let us go everywhere we want and they don’t know our whole wardrobe (combining is also an important criterion). So here’s your perfect shopping partner: mom. She will give it all for her “progeny”, she knows you much better than anyone else, and she will always spend as much time as possible with you. Here are 5 strong reasons why you will want to go shopping with mom rather than with your partner or your friends.

1. She knows your wardrobe ten times better than you do

She washes your clothes more often than she’d like to, she analyzes you every time you see her to check if your shoes or your tee are new and she has offered you at least 25% of the clothes you have. She even asks sometimes about that casual striped shirt that you used to have and that you haven’t worn for ages. So when deciding on the color of the dress for that wedding you are attending this summer, she will give you a list of the shoes and bags that could combine, and what’s better, she will make you see when you won’t be wearing it again.

2. She knows you (what fits you and what doesn't) and she wants you to look your best

There’s that embarrassing feeling when you go shopping with your friends, and that cute bikini fits one of them much better than you. Plus, they will never have the courage to tell you something is just not for you. With your mom, it’s the opposite. She will also find clothes that you wouldn’t have thought of buying initially, but that enhance your bust or match the color of your eyes. She’s your mom, after all. She’s sincere, so you will know when you shouldn’t be buying something, but she’s also positive about it when something goes really well with you (unlike some of your friends who will be too jealous about it).

3. It's the perfect excuse to meet her, and take advantage of the day out to talk

It’s scientifically proved[1], women need to talk more than men. Meeting mom for a tea at home, and having her talk about her neighbor letting the dog step on her flowers is not the funniest thing ever. Going out together and discussing about all the nice clothes you saw, and what both of you are going to be wearing for your sister’s wedding can be very exciting, it’s a win-win situation!

Go to your favourite restaurant or café (the one where your dad never wants to go because the portions are too small). This will give you both some time to update each other on your latest projects or problems, discover new cuisines together and rest your feet after a whole day out!

4. She will sometimes pay for your clothes (but don't do it only because of this!), and you can think of buying some of the things for both of you

Yes, mom is the best. She will even pay for some of the clothes if she really likes them or sees that you wouldn’t buy them otherwise. Or she will come back just before Christmas as buy them for you as a Christmas present. However, you shouldn’t be counting on it and you shouldn’t go shopping with your mom only because she’s your banker. It’s not nice, and the whole experience is a lot more important than that.

If you’re lucky enough that your mom and you have the same size of shoes, take advantage of it. Split the cost with her, and then use them in turns, one week each. She will never run away with them, unlike some of your friends. It’s like having new shoes, half price.

5. You will also help her choose clothes for herself

Mom sometimes dresses a bit old-style. This is your opportunity to convince her to wear some more stylish outfits, choose them with her and erase her “I am too old for this” feelings. Also, because she has the same problem with your dad (he gets tired very easily and he never really knows what suits her and what doesn’t), it’s the perfect occasion for her to get some valuable advice and also to spend some time with you.

She can surprise your dad and her friends with an original dress or a new pair of high hills. Help her feel young, I think that’s what it’s all about.

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