The World Needs Fixed Gears

Huntington, IN is not a place known for being "cool" or, even, "up-to-date."  Many folks in our quiet community have yet to see a hipster, likely because they are still too busy complaining about the revelry of Woodstock.  So, the term "fixie" might as well be Greek to them.  But, this doesn't mean they are inattentive to detail.  Many genuinely concerned citizens are quick to point out that my bike has no brakes.  Others are just frustrated that there are no gears.  Having faced the sneers and sarcastic remarks for the past few years, I decided to compile a list of 5 reasons why you should ride a fixed gear bike.

1.  Riding a Fixed Gear Enhances Your SensesHipster&Fixed GearCredit:
If you have trouble hearing or your vision is deteriorating with age, then get a fixed gear.  Since you don't have a brake to bring you to a quick halt, your eyes and ears will get some much-needed exercise.  In fact, I have met some fixie riders who seem to have acquired a sort of x-ray vision.  These friends no longer stop at busy intersections; it's as if they can see through structures that screen the normal cyclist's vision.

2.  Riding a Fixed Gear Solves Your Problems
Oftentimes, someone will bring me their bicycle hoping that I will be able to diagnose their problem.  My answer is often, "The problem seems to be that your bike has brakes and gears."  People throw away countless dollars getting brakes and derailleurs adjusted.  This logic applies to nearly every issue in life:  The more stuff you have, the more stuff you have that can break.  Simplify, Simplify!

3.  Riding a Fixed Gear Makes You Sexy
Girls like guys that aren't afraid of danger.  Guys like girls that are confident.  If you ride a fixed-gear, you're both.

4.  Riding a Fixed Gear Encourages Fitness
Just looking at a fixed-gear encourages one to shed a few extra pounds.  No bulky brake cables or extra weight from a pesky.  The slim look of a fixie makes the rider ready to take action and resemble their beloved bike. If nothing else, riding a fixed-gear makes one appear thinner (like wearing a black shirt instead of stripes).

5.  Riding a Fixed Gear Gives You Extra Energy
This is a debatable outcome of riding a fixed-gear, but in my experience it has proven true.  The most common destination of a fixie rider is the local coffee shop.  Thus, we can assume that if you start riding fixed gear, you'll start liking coffee.  In turn, you'll have a bounty of energy.  With all this energy, you can finally accomplish all the things you had previously been too tired to do!

Having offered 5 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Fixed Gear, I hope to have shown that it isn't as irrational as the uninformed citizen might believe.  Further, I hope to have drawn out that the ultimate purpose of a fixie is not self-transportation, but self-transformation.  

So, love yourself enough to get out there and dust off your mom or dad's old Schwinn Varsity and strip it to its simplest form.  Happy Riding!